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Year 2 – Spring Term

on February 19, 2018

Year 2 have had a busy half term, we’ve been on a welly walk, looked at lots of different artists, baked and created some clay creations.  We also entered the 500 word story competition.  Read on to find out what our children enjoyed the most…

I liked it best when we made gingerbread mice because when we ate it it was yummy! Jemima

I liked Clay Creations because we got to make anything we wanted and I made a keyring.  Jayden

I love gingerbread mice because they taste amazing! Willow

My favourite was clay creations, it was very squishy and fun! Emily M

I liked it when Clay Creations came into our classroom because it was fun. Evie

I liked making Gruffalo gingerbread mice because i’ve never made it before. Oscar

This half term my favourite thing was making Carl Warner pictures because I like drawing and making. Oliver

I liked doing the 500 word story because I like writing alot. I started writing when i was 4 years old and I was really good. Dylan

I liked writing my 500 word story competition because I like writing stories and I want to be an author when I grow up. I enjoy writing stories on the computer. Emily B

We went on a welly walk to get mud on our shoes to see what was left on our shoes. I like making a mess. Benji.

My favourite thing this term was doing the 500 word story competition. I liked it because I love writing. Kaiwyn

My favourite thing was Clay Creation because I liked it because it was squelshy and squashy. It was spongy and wasn’t rock solid. Florence.

I liked the 500 word story because I liked making the characters. George

My favourite thing was the really hard shape maths and making Venn diagrams. I am good at it. William

I liked making the gingerbread mice because it smells like ginger. It was fun and it was nice when we ate it. Charlie

I like making gingerbread mice because they tasted yummy. Connor

I liked the 500 word story because I might win a prize. Ruby

I liked writing the 500 word story because I like entering competitions. Freddie







































































































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  1. George says:

    The 500 words sounds cool

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