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The Deep

on April 25, 2018

This week we joined two other schools in our Academy Trust for a visit to Bridlington and a sleepover at The Deep. It was a fantastic opportunity for learning and making new friends.

Read on to find out what our year 5 children thought…

I liked the deep because we saw loads of fish like piranhas and had fun on the beach for about 1 and a half hours! You can go in the water but not that deep .
When I went to the deep we looked around and had tea, then we made our beds and went to bed .

We had a good time in the gift shop choosing all the teddies. I loved it! Ethan


This week we have been to The Deep in Hull! This is what we did on our amazing trip! First we got on our coach, which had air conditioning, and we set of for a long journey to Bridlington. Once we had arrived we had chips. Next we went to the beach and my shoes got sand in them. My toes were sore with walking on rocks, pebbles and stones. When we arrived at The Deep I enjoyed looking at the unicorn fish and the puffer fish. We then all made fantastic gooey slime. At one point we went bowling and I have a technique of using a heavy ball first and then a lighter ball to get the last of the pins knocked down! We stroked a starfish and patted an urchin which was one of my favourite parts so all in all, I loved my experience.  Eleanor



This week we went to the deep on a residential with school. We also went to Bridlington and ate fish ‘n’ chips at JC’s fish chip shop. Archie



The deep was really fun because we got to see lots of epic animals like the sharks,cat fish,frogs,piranhas,penguins,star fish and stingrays but my favourite is the penguins because it’s realy cute when they waddel around. My favourite bit when looking at them was when they dived in the water, but my favourite bit of all was the beach.

Year 5 went on a residential to the deep and it was very interesting. I’m going to write about the time at the sea side. We went to the beach and we were playing a game called knockout which is a game where you score 1 goal in the first round and then 2 in the second. If you score none you’re out. We then played a game against Christ church and we won 3-1! BY JAKE

When we got to Bridlington we went straight to the beach and we was there for about two hours which was fun because we all went in the sea which was freezing and I put my shoes and socks back on straight away it was to cold for me to stay in there. So I got out and played football with all the boys. Brandon


We went to the beach and played some football with Jake, Noah, Harry, Archie, Jacob, Otis, Eli and Charlie. We played cupy and I scored a goal like Steven Gerrard, who is a Liverpool legend. And we played against the other school, who were Christ church, and we beat them 3-1. Isaac

The Deep is about 3 hours away and its really boring on the coach until you get to the the beach and fish n chip shop which is really tasty. They have a variety of choices to have at the fish n chip shop like sausage and chips or scampi if you like it. Then we went onto the beach and we played football and a game called knockout where you have to kick the ball into the net and last one to score is out. Then we played a football match against christ church which was really fun and then we went to The Deep. Noah

The Deep is very fun and the penguins are so cute .The fish are very big and scary at night. The is a bubble lift wear you can see fish and sharks. We made slime it is so sticky. Phoebe

At the deep you can play at the beach, play bowling if you be in a good mood you will have fun! There are different schools there and you will do everything with them even sleep with them. Sami

This week we went to the deep with two other schools.

Before we went to the deep we had fish and chips and went to the beach in Bridlington. Aaron


The deep is very fun and has lots of activities that are all very fun. The fish are all very unique and beautiful.when you see the penguins they are so cute and are very sleepy but sometimes very energetic and can swim up to 24 miles per-hour . the sting rays just go round in circles all the time like they want to sting you or something .the two baby sharks look really friendly . Niamh

On the 23ed –the 24th of April 2018 y5/roman class went to the deep but before we did we had fish/chips and went to the beach and on the beach Charlotte and me Lilli buried Brandon in the sand. It took us along time to bury him because he kept moving around under the sand. byLilli

We went to the Deep for a sleepover with two other schools. It involved going to the seaside in Bridlington and having fish and chips.

We saw lots of fish and we slept next to them and had a tour round the Deep. Charlie


On the beach we played football we did elimination where you have to score however many goals you need to, as an example on round 1 you have to score 1, 2-2, 3-3, 4-4 and 5-5. We also played a game against the other school, they were Christ church, and we beat them 3-1. Otis



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  1. Harry says:

    Cool I like the sound off that!

  2. Archie says:

    It was really good and I really enjoyed it

  3. Otis says:

    I loved the trip and if you go it is amazing

  4. Elora says:

    I can’t wait till we go it sounds amazing!

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