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Roman Class Update

on October 12, 2018

This term we are learning about the Romans.  So far we have looked at the stories of Romulus & Remus and Boudicca and made Roman shields. Read on to find out more…

We are learning about Romulus and Remus in Y5 and we did a final piece of work for it copied out of our book. Then from a bit of the story when they were offered the crown and put what the end would be like if we could make the story up but if we gave it to the Romans they would have to believe us. During year 5 we have done lots of art. In year 5 during the afternoons we did paint shields once the only time we painted then. We also have P.E on Mondays now. For P.E we play football games because on 8th of October 2018 we are going to have a big football match.

We also painted shields during the past over before in year 5 but we mostly did painting in Year 4.

We are going to go swimming during our time in Year 5 in February we will take a coach over to the place. We are having P.E more outside during the time in year 5 and practice sport more now. We are excited to go to the deep I’m not sure if we are going to sleep there or not. Hopefully, we get to sleep there because it is always better and fun with friends.

Ethan and Oliver

In are topic, we have been learning about Romulus and Remus. At the end, we made up a linked ending to the story. We sometimes even do debates! In the debates, we split the room and have fun little arguments but sometimes they get a bit out of hand! We also made some Roman shields. On the shields, we did bright colours.

By Ella and Sian


We’ve been doing myths and legends like Romulus and Remus and learned about gods and goddess of the Greeks and romans.

We have been doing shields and we’ve drawing and painting.

We’ve have learned about Boudicca and the story and how Boudicca and her inter army also some people died and went in the Romans army.

Boudicca army had 20,000 and the roman army had 20,000.

Now we are doing letter writing about Athena.  We are going to show you a letter about the Roman invasion and Boudicca well some of her army joined the Roman army. Boudicca’s army had defeated the romans ones but next time Boudicca was kill on the second war against the Roman’s. But the Roman army was stronger than Boudicca’s was very weak and kind of poor because they had a poor shop. The romans had a lot of money because they destroyed a lot of country and so they take money and buy stuff with it so they tried to kill Boudicca but she poisoned herself and the romans were furious. The Romans had zues was the god the leader of all gods and goddesess. The Roman’s lived in a massive mansion and a massive town. The second battle the Romans try really hard to find more troops so they can beat Boudicca and her tribe and herself so they also find some of her team that she left behind so they traitored her and joined the Romans soon they vanished the Boudicca team so Boudicca poisoned herself so they didn’t kill her. But the Roman leader wanted to kill Boudicca. Romans wanted Boudicca and her daughters but they drank poison so they didn’t become slaves.

By Josh Farrish and Ethan R.


We have been learning about Romulus and Remus, the story of Boudicca and painted shields. The story of Romulus and Remus goes like this… In the kingdom of Albalonga there was a king named Numitor and his ungrateful brother Amulius wanted to overthrow Numitor. But if he killed Numitor then the sons of Numitor would come after him. So he killed the sons and forced his daughter Rhea to never have kids but she married mars the god of war and they had twin boys. If he killed Rhea or the twin’s mars would try to kill him. He ordered his servant to put them in the river put them in a she wolf found him and raised them then a shepherd found them and took Romulus and Remus home to his wife. After a few years the shepherds sent from albalonga took Remus and Romulus went to save him. Amulius was the king at the time because numitur died not that Amulius killed him he just died from old age. Romulus was successful whilst killing amulius . They had the chance to become joint king but they turned down the request. They set off on their adventure to find new land. After time passed, they finally found 2 hills but the problem was that they each wanted different hills. They had to have a signal from the gods to say who gets the hill they want. Apparently, Romulus saw 12 vultures and Remus saw 6. But Remus didn’t believe him. So they had a fight to see the mighty ruler of their city. In the process, Romulus killed Remus and named his city Rome. He went to start the all mighty roman empire and became the first ruler of the roman empire although he didn’t conquer the lands

We have been also learning about the story of Boudicca Where she wanted back some of the land the Romans stole because she wanted her fair share of land. She beat them in her first battle so she started to get more of the Roman land. Next she drank poison to die because She didn’t want torture after she lost in the 2nd battle.

We have done roman shields and they looked really great.
We learnt about what a gladiating life would be like. It is really horrible and only if you win, you get money.

If they die, they get dragged into a pit.

By Eddie and George


In our topic, the Romans we have been learning about Boudicca the Queen of the Iceni tribe.

We have also designed our own shield’s and we painted them to make them look scary.

We have learnt the story of Romulus and Remus and we also re-rote the ending of the story too.

In are sciences lessens we have been planning an experiment to see how to separate a solid from a liquid.

On Wednesday the 3rd of October we did are 1st sciences experiment and it was a success.

On the 11th of October in talk we had a debate about having a class had a class pet or not.

As the argue went on, we decided to choose our talk rules.

On the 10th of October, we had a visitor from Keighley swimming pool. He talked about being safe around water. And what different flags mean the yellow and red flag means there is a life guard hear and it’s safe. A red flag means danger a black and white flag means water sports and the orange flag means it’s too windy for inflatables.

By Lillie and Elora


The story of Boudicca is about her wanting to reclaim her land after the romans stole it. for this topic, we made new paper reports and wanted posters.

For this topic, we also made our own roman shields. we all did a different design and put our own representation symbols on. After designing them on a Pease of paper we all got some card board and painted them on.they were all very bright and coulourfull and they really cach peoples attention. this was allotting of fun and we all really enjoyed it. MylaWe also learnt the story named Romulus and Remus, no one knows if the story is true. We made up our own story of Romulus and Remus for a bid right !Most people wanted the She-Wolf to come back and kill the shepherd and some people wanted the She-Wolf to kill Romulus and Remus as well. Archie

We learnt about the story of Boudicca and made some wanted posters, did some sketches of her [painted a portrait], wrote a newspaper report and more that I can’t bother to write. Hear is a wanted poster we did. Clara


Things we have learned in year five.

We have learned about the story of Boudicca, the story of Romulus and Remus and we looked at Roman shields. We made are shields out of cardboard and then painted them that’s how we made are wonderful Roman shields we also have learnt about water safety and how to save someone if they fall in a river. we have also written an informal letter to are family who have been captured by the Romans based on the story of Boudicca. We have also made Roman coins made out of play dough and we have also stared doing line graphs in maths. We have also been doing a time line of Noah’s ark.

Jacob and Dant


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