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Roman Class

on November 9, 2018

This half term has been another busy one. We’ve enjoyed learning about lots of different things.  Here are some of our favourites…

This term, our topic is stargazers. We have done some art work. The type of art we have done is abstract art. We have been learning about gas giants and rock planets. For example, earth is a rock planet and Jupiter is a gas giant. We came up with ways to remember what order the planets go in for example My Very Exited Mother Just Served Us Noodles. The order of the planets are Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. By Evie and Sophie


This term so far we have enjoyed playing boys vs girls in benchball when we were doing p.e.  Also we have all been excited about our new topic; Stargazers.  In maths, our class has been doing; Factors, Common factors, square numbers and cube numbers.  In science we have been learning about the solar system.  During science, we have been doing a sketch of the moon, learning the order of the planets,  making our own sentence to help us remember the order of the planets and lots more!  Poppy and Sophie’s sentence was “Messy Vanessa’s  Excited Monkey Jumped Straight Under Nellie”

In writing, we have been doing a diary of an astronaut on the international space station.  We have been describing the food and because it is a diary, we have been trying to put jokes in.  In computers/ICT, we have been doing mathletics, scratch and this blog!

By Poppy and George


We did white rose maths with Mr Grinch to do with counters and square numbers and cube numbers. In PE we did: bench ball; football; bench ball with teams of boy vs girls. We learnt about poppies: what they stand for; we also did space mnemonic for the planets; the planets with jumbled words; a sheet where we had to find the planet and take a fact off the sheet and pop it on. We have learnt the order of the planets by a mnemonic there was this one My Very Exited Mother Just Served Us Noodles. We painted pictures of the planets .we have watched a video of a man jumping out of a craft and breaking the sound barrier. We also watched a video of the lady giving a tour around the spaceship and showing us how to live there .we have wrote a diary entry About space .we has learnt how to use semi colons and colons.  In talk we have visitors.

By Oliver and Daniel


This term we have learnt about the earth and space. Our topic is called Stargazers. We have done are diary entry about going to Space so we are going to tell you some facts about what you would have to take to space you would have to have a: wash bag, clothes’, books and you need a spacesuit. Eddies favourite planets are the gas planets Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus. We have also made abstract art with lots of bright colours.

We are doing a science experiment on. We are seeing if the distance from the sun means a bigger crater

by Eddie and Elora



We have done: an astronaut’s diary; abstract art of space; pictures of poppies and the order of the planets.



Last half term, our topic was Romans. We did a Roman fact file .We learnt about Boudiccia.

Ella and Sophia


This year has been very exiting but we have probably enjoyed  science the most . So we are going to tell you a couple of things we have been doing and learning through out these projects.  First we learnt the entire planet they are Earth, Mars, Saturn, Neptune, Mercury, Juipter, Venus and Uranus.

Also for an experiment we are getting a tray, putting some flour in and then coating it with coco powder. Next we are using a tennis ball and dropping it from different heights to see if when an asteroid hits the moon , dose the distance of it effect the size of a crater.

In art this half term we have been doing abstract art of space and a space rocket sepritly .this is our pictures of space without a rocket yet

by Myla and Archie


This term we have been learning about space.

Lillie really enjoyed art with Mr Naylor because we got to look at an artist who does paintings of rockets and outer space.

Sian enjoyed the video of how to live in space and to write her diary off how to live in a rocket for as long as you are in space exploring.

In Science, we are doing an experiment about if a meteoroid hit earth how deep the dich would go.So were going to do an experiment to see how far it would go so were going to use flour, coco powder, a tray and a ruler.

Sian loves doing Mathletics because some of us are challenging each other to see who can get the highest score.

In P.E, we have been doing bench ball and we really enjoy it.  All of us in year 5, are really enjoying are topic about outer space.

By Lillie and Sian


We have been learning about diaries about space, we’ve been doing loads of art about space and we are putting a Rocket and we are learning about all the planets I nearly know all of the planets there is Mercury, Venus, Mars, Earth, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune. Earth is the third closest planet to the sun.

I’ll tell you a fact the gravity makes your hair stick up.

Did you know four of the planets put together is the sun but not with the fire?

Did you know one of the moons, has more volcanos than any other planets in the solar system?

Europa probably has a liquid ocean beneath its crust.

Ganymede is such a large moon that it has its own magnetic field.

The largest planet in the solar system, Jupiter is covered by swirling clouds of hydrogen, helium and ammonia.

Huge storms and raging winds to create swirls colours of Jupiter’s red spot, a gigantic storm, a been visible for at least three hundred years.

And in the space ship there is a bedroom upside down and there is a gym in there.

By Josh and Ethan


This half term we have worked on space. So far in our roman topic we have had a really good time making shields and posters as well as mosaics. In our space topic so far we have done some moon sketches, a diary as if we are an astronaut and in science we walked round the room finding cards with facts on them. For me the best thing so far was the moon sketches.In the roman topic I had realy loved making the shields it was so cool.

With the moon sketches we watched a video how to draw it, mine turned out brilliantly. Also we have been reading ‘My Story Roman Invasion’. The book is all about a young English warrior who gets taken by the Romans. Every Friday we do a spelling test and big maths ,learn its and clics. This half term has been amazing for me and has been the best half term ever.

By Amy, Clara and Maisy


This term at school, we have been learning about our new topic which is Stargazers, in our topic we have been thinking about what it’s like in space and what it would be like to go to space. We have also done abstract planet paintings in art. In English, we have been le­­­­­­­­arning about diaries and writing our own as if we were astronauts going to space in a rocket. In computers, we have been doing scratch coding which shows us how to code our own games.

By Jacob and Dante




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