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Viking Class

on November 9, 2018

We’ve had a busy half term in Viking Class.  Read on to find out more!

We have been learning about potions as our main topic. In science, we have been learning about liquids, solids and gasses. We drew potions. James drew a poison potion and Dominic drew a language learning potion. In writing, we have been writing about what happens to Alice in Alice in wonderland when she drinks the potion. In maths we have been learning the perimeter of a shape in km or m or cm. We have just finished doing about soil in science. Our word we are learning about in reflection time is tolerance.  Dominic and James


This term we have been learning about potions.  With chalk we drew our own potion bottles. We shaded the chalk so the effect was better. Here are a couple of facts: Potions and poisons were commonly used in the Elizabethans era, but were also used before then in ancient civilizations such as Greece and Rome by Isla and Bethany


We have enjoyed our topic about potions. Our favourite bit has been drawing potions. We used chalk and pastels. We used chalk because it is easy to rub in. Aswell we have enjoyed perimeters in maths. We have been measuring some shape perimeters, a lot of them were squares and rectangles. In science we have learnt about solids, liquids and gasses.

By Lucy and Skyla


This school year we’ve been learning about meters and kilometers in maths. Now we just finished that and we are now doing perimeters. The work about perimaters is quite challenging. In Spanish we’ve been doing work about the La cabreza [The face] by Lucas S and Alfie


Solids liquids gasses

We have been learning about solids, liquids and gasses. We can walk through all types of gasses but you cannot walk through solids. Liquids you can pour into different containers then it will change into the shape of the containers.


In art we all created are own potions. We thought about the shape, size, colour and pattern of our potions.

Alice in wonderland-writing-

We all write the story of Alice in wonderland but when it gets to the part where she drinks the potion that’s when we make our own potion.

Mikey and Riley



This term in writing we have been focussing on doing our own version of   Alice in wonderland . We liked it because you could really make it wild.

In Spanish we have drawn are self then labelled the different parts of the face. By Molly and Imogen


There are so many types of potions, such as night vision, leaping, speed, poison, love and water breathing.

Solids, liquids, gasses


The particles of solids are uniformly joint together and not spread apart also not moving away from each other. Such as: Table, Ice and chair.


The particles in a liquid are  uniformly arranged in a different way to a solid particle. The  liquid particles are close but not touching each other. Such as: water, juice and lava.


The particles in a gas are so spread apart from each other. They are not uniformed at all.

Such as: oxygen ,steam and smoke. by Oliver and Henry


. Potions are very use full liquids

. Some are poisonous and some are good

. Different good potions are for different things; flying potion, night-vision potion, heeling potion

. Bad potions can lead to disaster in human bodies

.  Different Bad potions are for different things; poisoning, making people’s feet fall off in bed.

by Rory and Blake



We are learning about potions, we drew our own potions.  In maths we are learning about perimeters and we designed Mr Parkins  patio. In science we are learning about solids, liquids and gasses. By Emily


In maths we have been measuring perimeter of shapes. For  example in a rectangle, if the longest side is ten cm and the shortest side would be two you would add them all together.


In science we have been learning about solids ,liquids ,gasses.

Peter and Jack

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