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Year 5 Stargazers and Time Travellers

on January 4, 2019

Happy New Year to you all!

It’s been another busy term, we enjoyed learning about our topic of Stargazers, in fact the whole school enjoyed learning about space when we had a mobile planetarium set up in our school hall! Read on to find out more…

Outside the planetarium, we waited to enter it. Sometime later we entered and it was kind of warm inside. As soon as we entered we started listening to a man (called Dennis) about the rules inside the planetarium. Afterwards, we were listening to the sounds around us and the massive screen above and in front of us. When it appeared above everybody started lying down! (Apart from 3 people) We talked and watched the board seeing space ships flying above us. At 1 point we saw Tim Peake give us a tutorial of the international space station. The international space station had lots of rooms (4) and it was squished to be honest. Afterwards, we learned about the toilet in the international space station. (I didn’t enjoy it at all) Soon later, we saw about asteroids it was fun seeing them charge at us be not actually hitting. At the end we learned about more of the toilets and it falling down to Earth. So if you see something on fire heading down to Earth it could be poo so it couldn’t be an asteroid!(Watch out for falling poo from the skies above Earth.)

By Ethan B and George.

In our last term, we were learning about space. One morning there was this huge dome shaped thing. It was big and silver. When we got into class Miss Cooper told us it was called the planetarium. On our class board chart in the afternoon there was a surprise. Miss Cooper told us the surprise was the planetarium (we had no idea what it was until we realised). We learnt about the international space station. Our class learnt how to go to the toilet in space. We learnt about what you eat (powered food). He told us how to make coffee. The planetariums nickname was the Wonder Dome. We learnt a lot about space and we discovered outer space. We learnt about how to be an astronaut in space. On the screen we saw the rings of Saturn we zoomed through the rings (it looked so real). In the planetarium we learnt about the wings on the international space station.

By Sophie, Maisy, Evie, Elora


Last term our topic was star gazers. during that topic we painted pictures of rockets whizzing through the sky and we also named some planets and coloured them in. We also went in a planetarium and discovered what happens in space and how to use the toilet in the space station. By the way a planetarium is a big Dome with a projector inside.

By Jacob and Dante


The visit to the planetarium – The planetarium was a big dome and were going to tell you what happened inside!!

First we were told what to do and what not to do and then we got into the action we were told about the space station . The man in charge was controlling the projector to make it feel like we were inside space.

It was like a big balloon on the outside but not in the inside.

We learnt a lot of things we didn’t know and it was very fun.

by Myla and Archie


In the planetarium there was a man showing the slides of the history of space and astronauts. He also told us about what the astronauts feel and do. He mentioned that one of the astronauts in each rocket has to release the container of all of the frozen poo and that it burns on the atmosphere so it looks like a shooting star. He also told us that the first man into the international space station was bored so raced around the station. At school Santa came around and brought us a drawing set, blow the barrel, naval strike, chess, dominos, a box of fun games and cards. At school we did perimeter and area in maths. We also did a science experiment to see if the an asteroid or meteorite would make the size of the crater depending on height or width of the asteroid. We learnt about how the astronauts go to the toilet and the big selection of toilet paper and a wide tube to poo in and a small one to wee in and that you sleep in a sleeping bag strapped to the wall and have a computer. They also have gyms so they can exercise. They also have wash bags to brush their teeth and use toiletries. For P.E. we mostly did bench ball and dodge ball. For maths we also did a bit of Mathletics which is a maths app on google for school children to learn maths. For English we also wrote up a Christmas poem.

Jayden Alex and Oliver


Last term we had the Planetarium come to our school, its basically a huge (MASSIVE) dome.  Inside the (MASSIVE) dome is a big screen where we watched space clips and the guy also showed us a slideshow of astronauts and planet.

For our science we did a ball experiment which was to see if the height affected the shape of the crater. We worked in groups of 3s or 4s. The answer was yes. The ball made a bigger crater the higher the ball was dropped yet the ball mostly fell off. It was a SUCCESS!

By Clara and Lillie


Our visit to the Wonder Dome!

On our trip to the Wonder Dome, we learnt a lot. Here are a few facts: Saturn’s only moon with oxygen (Titan) rains petrol; In a few years’ time, a rocket is going to be sent to Mars to see if there is any life on this mysterious planet. We also learnt how to brush our teeth in space, go to the toilet and drink from a water bottle with a straw. (Astronauts drink their own wee!)

by Amy, Ella and Sophia


Last term really enjoyed designing our own moon buggies. Our favourite science experiment being whether the distance makes the crater bigger or not.

One of our favourite parts of last term was going to the Planetarium. We learnt a lot of interesting facts about the international space station. then we learnt how much moons each planet has Jupiter has the most moons it has 69 moons orbiting it. the best bit was looking at the international space station. It was so cool in it. We wrote a poem about Santa Claus. In p.e we played allot of doge ball and bench ball. We went up to church for are Christmas service we sung allot of Christmas carols about Christ being born. we also drew are own planets and they looked super cool we also did a setting description on the planets we drew. Also in the planetarium we pretended to go on a rocket to Saturn and that had 67 moons

By Eddie Daniel and Farrish



We were greeted by the owner it was [MASSIVE] if you had your back on the floor it would look really good. It was a big massive dome he had a projector and a computer the computer was for the power point the projector was for us to see whats going on.

BY Ethan R



we all had a test to see which ball was a better meteorite against earth(flower). Me and 2 of my class mates, used a golf ball from 30cm 60cm and 1m. the 30cm golf ball had a 4cm deep and 5cm long crater. The 60cm golf ball had a 5cm deep and 8long crater. The 1m golf ball had a 7cm deep and 11cm long crater. We all had the same thoughts if a golf ball was coming to earth at 1000mph, we would all have a hole in our houses because the golf ball would have melted.

By Maciek


t was really good in the planetarium. Whilst we were in there, we was learning about space. All of us sat down we got told to look up and we saw space features and rockets. We also learnt a lot about astronorts and rockets setting up to space from space stations. We enjoyed looking and learning about space. Everyone then laid down and enjoyed listening to the man talking about astronauts, the first ones to go to space and who launched the rockets for people to explore. People also lauching satellite dishes to go around planets to sent information down to earth.

Poppy and Sian


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