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Year 4 – The Blue Abyss

on January 10, 2019

Happy New Year to everyone!

Year 2 are very excited about their new topic Blue Abyss.

We have lots of questions that we’d like answering about this topic! Here are a few of them…

What we want to learn.

How do fish swim?

What is the biggest fish in the world?

What do different types of under water animals eat?

By Dominic, Henry and Oliver


In this topic we are learning about blue abyss.

This half term I would like to know how fish keep their eyes open under water.  I know that fish don’t have eye lids so they just sleep with their eyes open.

By Isla, Emily and Rory.


What we want to learn

Blake – I want to know about the midnight zone

Joseph – I wonder if there is a shark like a snake

James – is Nemo a special fish?


The biggest fish is a whale shark

A sea turtle eats some small fish and sea weed

A angel fish can turn invisible.

By Joseph, Blake and James


I would like to know how many animals are in the sea right now and I would want to know which animal is the cleverest sea animal in the world.

We know that the sky reflects the sea, that is why the sky is blue. I want to know how long scuba divers can breath in water?

By Mikey, Riley and Jack


We would like to know about all the sea.

Creatures . How many miles did the Titanic sink? How poisonous is the stone fish?



This term we are learning about BLUE ABYSS. We want to learn. We also want to find out about different sea creatures and their habitats and about how coral is formed under the sea.

Skyla, Lucy and Imogen


In our blue abyss topic we would like to learn these things: The different creatures under the different depths of the ocean. The different lengths of the oceans and how the different fish survive under water. These are the things I do know: Megladons died out 2 million years ago. They were 20 metres long (The same length as a blue whale).

Yousef, Elliot and Alfie



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