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Victorian Class Update

on February 8, 2019

It’s been a while since we’ve blogged and year 6 are eager to share what they’ve been doing.


In school this week we have been learning about electricity and we have been making circuits some of them went to plan some didn’t. Also, on Friday we did work about an artist called Jackson Pollock which we enjoyed because you literally got a paintbrush and paint and splattered it on the piece of paper we had though some people were bad at it and made a massive mess. Luckily we had a plan and a real one so people just made a mess on the plan and did it well on the real one. This morning a PCSO [police community support officer] came about hate crime which is hate towards people based on their sexual orientation, race, disability or religion. We learnt that if you smashed a window on purpose for example you could go to jail for 2 years, but if the judge found out that it was a hate crime then you could go to jail for longer. Recently we have been introduced to a game called times table rock stars TTrockstars for short and on it we do our times tables which have been set for us by our teacher. In it you can battle other houses which we have in our school the houses are Earth Fire Air and Water. Currently Air are beating Water and Earth are beating Fire. So it’s just a competitive game like mathletics but TTrockstars is times tables.


We have had a busy week in y6: Last week (1st February 2019) in art, we did splat painting inspired by Jackson Pollock. We used several techniques to make splat paintings. Some people used different ways to make theirs unique and special. At the moment, our topic is gallery rebels and we have been doing lots and lots of different artists, my favourite was the Jackson Pollock splat paintings because of the unique aspect of it! I investigated what sort of colours made the rest of the colours stand out, I found that the black was affective against light colours.

By Olivia, Eleanor & Ella


This term in year 6 are topic is gallery rebels and have discovered many great artists from the past. We also have had a go at drawing in the style of them.


We created art work in the style of Jackson Pollack. Firstly we tried out all the different techniques he uses to create his art work. We splatted paint, drizzled paint, we dripped paint and we spilt paint all on a piece of paper. When we finished they looked spectacular, we also got really messy, it took ages to tidy up!

By Ethan and George.


Our topic is Gallery Rebels and we are learning about different artists and their techniques.

Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo was an Italian artist who was born on April 15th 1452; he died 2nd May 1519 (aged 67). He made all kinds of sculptures including Da Vinci’s Horse he painted The last supper and the Mona Lisa. He committed suicide, he shot himself in front of his brother!

By Archie


Our art topic has been gallery rebels and are favourite is Jackson Pollock because we like his creativity . We also had a go and we really got messy it was almost like we were the painting!!! We all really enjoyed it but I bet the cleaners didn’t!

By Niamh and Grace

Recently in school, we have been doing an art topic called Gallery Rebels. In this topic we have been drawing (and paint splatting) In the way some artists have made their riches and fame by their drawing styles. This was probably our best art topic yet because of all of the interesting backgrounds and paintings artists have done. Some of our favourite artists are Jackson Pollock, Da Vinci, Van Gogh and many more.

In Science, we have been doing electricity, and how it works. In our investigation our group was doing about how far we could make a fan that we built blow a piece of paper. Other groups were doing things such as how loud a motor could sound, or how bright they could make a lightbulb without it short-circuiting. We were also learning and doing quizzes about Volta and Thomas Edison and other electronic geniuses.

We have had a few PCSO’s who had come to talk to us about hate crime and other sort of crimes that will affect our lives if we brake those laws. Hate crimes cover Racism, Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, Disability and Religion.

On Thursday, Dance club did a school performance to show how hard they have practiced and also to show parents how good they are at dancing.

By Noah, Isaac and Harry.


In year 6 our topic has been Gallery rebels so we have obviously been doing art a lot. We learnt about different artists and did the same style like Andy Warhol and pop art . Pop art is an art work painted many times but in different colours .

Also in year a PCSO came in and told us about hate crime and what it means the PCSO was called Ross .

Sami and Maisie


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