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Year 4 Arts Week

on March 21, 2019



It’s Arts Week in school.  Each class has a different country to learn about.  Year 4 are looking at Australia. Here’s what the children have been doing in class…


In arts week we have been learning about Aboriginal Culture. We learnt about the story of the Rainbow Serpent and painted aboriginal pictures of Goorialla (the name of the Rainbow Serpent). Basically what happens in the story, the snake sets off to find his own kingdom and shapes the world on his way. When he finds it he accidentally eats two people when trying to give them shelter.

This is my picture of Goorialla.     By Leo


This arts week, we learnt about the Hakka dance. Then we did an aboriginal art out of dots. Also we learnt about the rainbow serpent. The rainbow serpent was one of the dreamtime animals. by Henry and James D


This is art week. In art week we learnt about aboriginal art and culture. We drew some snakes to represent the rainbow serpent. We also watched a video to learn about the rainbow serpent and wrote the story and they were very different. On the third day of art week we did the Hakka and we both found it hard with the moves and the noises. Aswell we did a bit of pointalisiam where you dot with a cotton bud. Sophie and Joseph




This arts week we have been learning about aboriginal art.  On Monday, we drew pictures of snakes from the story of the rainbow serpent.  On Tuesday , we drew aboriginal art patterns using paint and cotton buds to dab the paint on the paper in dots. On Wednesday , we learnt to do the Hakka. We came back into class and wrote what we had learnt. Hopefully the last few days of art week will be just as good as the first three days!

Yousef and Alfie




This art week has been amazing because we learnt a lot of new things. We learnt a haka, aboriginal designs and the story of the rainbow serpant. First, Miss Dawson came in and we did art work of the rainbow serpant, we learnt the story and wrote our own version. After that, we did some aboriginal design in our art week book and then did the proper design. Finally,we started doing the haka. We watched a video of a school doing the haka. Then we did it ourselfs by watching another video and It was hard the first time but then it got easier. Lucas and Elliot


IN arts week we did the haka dance it was used for scaring there opponents in battles or when they came together in peace. It is also used for New Zealand rugby matches. It involves a lot of body slapping and shouting.

We looked at the story of the rainbow serpant and the we created are own version of the story and drew a illustration to mach. We also drew bigger pictures of the rainbow serpent.

In art we drew aboriginal paintings and it involved a lot of dots and curvy lines. The different patterns represent different things like wavy lines represent water.

By Lucy and Molly



This week is arts week. We have been looking at Aboriginal art. Aboriginal art is from Austraila. The country we are looking at is Austraila. We did a dance called the Haka. The New Zeland rugby team does it before a match to scare the other team or to make peace with other tribes before a war. Most Aboriginal art has lots of dots in it . We did some but it was really hard!!! For our art we did some snakes from the story The Rainbow Serpent. We also did some more art where we tried to fill our page with dots! It was quite hard! By Isla and Bethany.


Rainbow serpent Me and Riley thought that the rainbow serpent story was ok because the snake starts raging at the end and we also like it because it is very colourful. Haka we did the dance haka which me and Riley enjoyed but we found it a bit difficult but it was still fun. First you need to slap your hands on your knees. They do the haka in New Zealand and they do it before a rugby match. Mikey Riley


This week we have had arts week. We did some aboriginal art. We drew some pictures of the rainbow serpent by Dick Roughsey. Albert Namatjira is one of Australlia’s best known Aboriginal artists. by Jack and Oliver








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