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Year 5 The Deep Residential

on April 1, 2019

We’ve had an action packed day today.


First we visited Bridlington, had fish and chips and played on the beach.

Then we arrived at the Deep and had a personal tour.


Next we ate our evening meal then it was on to more fun activities. We’ve made our own badges and decorated a T-shirt.


Then there was just time to make up our beds before lights out. Most of us are now sleeping or quietly watching the sharks swim by.

Good night!

23 Responses to “Year 5 The Deep Residential”

  1. Lillie says:

    In the deep, we looked at penguins and a lot of sharks, fish, turtles and stingray. When we went to sleep we saw the turtles swimming and the fish circling as they were asleep.

  2. myla says:

    The Deep was awesome and so much fun .we learnt lots about sea life and how it survives. we even made crafts such as slime , sand art, post cards t-shirts and our own badges!!!!!

    Sleeping there was also fun especially next to the fish, sharks ,sword fish ,sting rays and even turtles.

    personally the penguins were my favourite because they were so cute and I even bought a teddy penguin from the gift shop.

    I also enjoyed playing and making friends with other schools mainly at the beach.

    The Deep was so fun and I loved it!!!

  3. Ethan B says:

    The Deep was amazing! We got to sleep next to the sharks at night time and we also saw a massive shark going past as well as the other fish.

  4. poppy says:

    In the deep, we made slime and we could add green or pink paint into the glue and used borax to make it slime.
    The lady said that we needed to wear gloves and goggles.

  5. Jayden says:

    At the deep we saw turtles and lots of sharks.

  6. Daniel says:

    The Deep was really good! I wish I could stay again we even saw the penguins on the second day when we were heading back to school. I wished we stayed there for two days.

  7. myla says:

    the sea life is so amazing

  8. Anonymous says:

    the sea life is so amazing

  9. poppy says:

    At bedtime, we watched the fish swim in the huge tank.Then at midnight we saw the turtles swim up to the top for air.

  10. matthew says:

    it was such a fun day i loved the sharks

  11. Sian says:

    At the Deep, we all had lots of fun making the t-shirts we had stencils to help us draw our sea creatures and write THE DEEP. We also could write our names or the date of the trip on too we had lots of fun doing it and it’s a good memory to keep of going there.

  12. oliver says:

    At the beach we had a lot of fun playing football

  13. Lillie says:

    When we got to the deep, a kind lady showed us round and we touched a sea urchin.

  14. George says:

    We saw the penguins and found out the names. (One of them swam into the glass.)

  15. Anonymous says:

    We also made slime which felt weird to the touch and we used a dangerous chemical called borax.

  16. Archie says:

    The deep was amazing because you get to sleep next to fish , sharks , turtles , stingrays and sword fish !

    You also get to do some really fun crafts like sand art , make slime , make t-shirts and badges .

    You also get your own tour of the place its EPIC its also quite a big places you sea loads of different marine sea creatures there .

    When you go to bed its really hard to fall asleep with all those little eyes looking at you but at the same time its really cool.

    When you get up your really sleepy because your up till half 9 .

  17. Evie says:

    There was a megaldon jaw and a fully grown man can stand in its mouth without touching the megaldon’s teeth!!!!

  18. Alex says:

    The Deep was the best school trip because we got to sleep next to turtles,sharks and fish in one big tank .

  19. Skyla and Lucy says:

    Wow sounds like you had a fun trip .

  20. isla says:

    Sounds fun

  21. Joseph says:

    Cool I wish I was there

  22. Blake says:

    That shark looks cool I wish I was there

  23. Imogen says:

    Can’t wait till next years turn it sounds good

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