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Viking Class Update – Bottoms Burps and Bile!

on April 8, 2019

Our topic this term has been an interesting one… Bottoms, Burps and Bile!

This year we have been leaning about burps bottoms and bile. We learnt about the digestive system and teeth. We watched a video of a camera going down through the body to learn about the digestive system (we felt sick).

Alfie, James D and Lucas


During our topic, we have been learning about teeth. We brushed our teeth then used a plaque disclosing tablet to see where we needed to brush our teeth more carefully. Our mouths went blue and we all looked really funny! We did an experiment where we put eggs in different drinks (the egg shell acted as the enamel on our teeth) The egg in the orange juice rotted the most and the egg in the water rotted the least. We also learnt about the digestive system. We painted our digestive system on some white tops. It was very hard! We are writing a story about a piece of foods journey through the digestive system. Some people are healthy foods and some are not.

By Isla and Lucy


In Science we used plaque tablets to see how much plaque we have in our mouths. In writing we wrote a three paged leaflet for year three. Now we are writing a fantasy story about a piece of food going through the digestive system. In art we painted the digestive system on our t-shirts. It was fun but hard!!! We have been practicing an Easter show to show to the school and to our parents.

By Sophie & Bethany


This half term our author is David Walliams and were reading demon dentist because were learning about teeth in science.  For one of our science experiments we brushed our teeth and then we had plaque disclosing tablets to check where we need to work on. For another activity we painted our digestive system on a t-shirts.

Emily and Joseph


First, we learnt about the digestive system. At the top of your body is your esophagus. It leads down to your stomach. The stomach brings in some acids & bile. The liver cleans out the poison so you don’t throw up. It also does another 499 other jobs. The small intestine processes around 2 gallons of food, liquids. The large intestine starts to turn the food into poo. We made some paintings and they were great! We drew the esophagus down from the top. We then drew the Stomach and next to the Stomach is the liver. Under the liver is the large intestine and inside it is the small intestine.

Henry and Ollie


In science we did an egg experiment to show how different dinks affect are teeth. We used water, milk, orange juice, coffee, diet coke and full sugar coke. We then put eggs in the cups that the drinks were in and every day we looked at the eggs and wrote the differences of the eggs. The egg in the water stayed the same but the egg that was the worst was the egg in the orange juice.  In art we drew the digestive system on plain white t-shirts. The intestines were the hardest to draw because they twisted and turned. Some people went home in their t-shirts. They looked amazing but gruesome. By Imogen &  Molly


Our topic this half term is burps, bottoms and bile. We are doing a write where we are the food going through the digestive system. Peter is a taco and Elliot is a jelly baby. We also painted a shirt to make it look like the digestive system. We went home wearing the shirts to show are mums and dads. Peter and Elliot


Bile is an acid that is in your stomach and it comes out when there is food in there. It makes the food shrink a little so it can go into the small intestine.

Mikey, Riley and James F



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