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Year 4 Moving Words

on May 8, 2019

Last week we were joined in school by Julie, Colin and Adam from Moving Words. The children had an amazing day of learning!

Yesterday, moving words came in to school. Moving words came in and they taught us a new poem about history. The history they taught us was about the Normans so we did a drama piece. They showed us this big piece of art called the Bayeux Tapestry. It was the length of the school hall! At the end of the day we showed it to our parents, year 3, year 5 and year 6.        By Joseph & Elliot

On Tuesday Moving Words came to our school and taught us things about the Normans and 1066. We learnt 3 songs and a dance piece about the Bayeux tapestry. We did a poem about Norman castles. We learnt a song about the events in 1066 and the battle of Hastings. Then, we performed it all to the school and our parents (it was nerve racking). We a performed a bit of drama about the Feudal System and it was the order of the richest people to the poorest people. It was great fun! It was a great experience! By Yousef and Lucas

In moving words, we did a poem about Normans and a song called 1066.  We also did a mini song which went like this: The BAYEUX TAPESTRY the BAYEUX TAPESTRY human beings in different scenes (do a pose) the BAYEUX TAPESTRY. By Molly, Emily & Imogen

In moving words, we: • Sang songs. • We did some drama • We did a dance. They taught us about the Normans. This is a song we sang,

  • Norman castles, Norman castles
  • with stone towers, built for power
  • William’s great forces, All his men and horses
  • Could be found, On high ground.

Another song we sang: 1066

  • 1066 –  The Normans sailed from France
  • 1066 – 100s of ships advance
  • 1066 – And Williams arranged
  • 1066 – England will be changed!

We also saw something called the bayeux tapestry.    By Blake and Ollie

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