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Acting Headteacher Blog – News

Good afternoon. This week I have been thinking about news and how it travels, especially in terms of the capacity we all have for using news as a way of making sense of the world and making links with others. We have an enterprising group of Year 5 children who are in the early stages of creating a school newspaper – The Oxenhope Oracle no less – and I have been interviewed this week as part of their first publication.

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Acting Headteacher Blog – Children in Need



At the end of a very spotty day in school we have had lots of fun and also raised lots of money for Children in Need – the exact total to follow. This has also been anti-bullying week which this year has the ‘Power for Good’ message. This has been a really good way to talk about how we all have powers to make a difference and it is also about how we feel about ourselves. It may not feel like a super power but  valuing yourself and just listening and noticing someone else can make all the difference, let alone taking action if you feel it is needed.



Year 6 have written and posted their blog again this week so I’ll leave you in their capable hands – the blog can be found in the side bar on this page. They have written mystery stories and made video recordings to share on the subject of cyber bullying which are amazing!

Mr Parkin

Acting Headteacher

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Acting Headteacher Blog – Classrooms

Good afternoon.wreath

Today in school we came together and shared a two minute silence in the hall, talking to the children about why we do this and what it means to people. We will also be placing a wreath, made by one of our year 6 children, at church during the service at St Mary’s on Sunday. The sale of the home made poppys raised £160 for the poppy appeal and £80 for school, to be spent by the school council.


This week I’ve been round the classrooms with my camera and snapped pictures of the role play and investigation areas in classrooms that are linked to our themes. Although each year group has a different topic there are certain similarities and expectations around what the children have access to in the environment and role play is among one of our expectations. I will move on to other areas such as resources, reflection areas, examples of childrens work and working walls in future blogs (and if working walls sounds a bit odd rest assured it isn’t a structural problem). Read the rest of this entry »

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Acting Headteacher Blog – Communication

Hello and welcome to the start of a new half term. This week I’m not going to say much as a newsletter has also gone out today, which can be downloaded from the school website if you don’t receive a copy.

I’ve collated the responses to the parental questionnaire that was given out at the parent information evening and although the number of responses is small (less than 25% of the parents) it does give an idea of areas for us to question as a school. They can be downloaded by clicking on the link below. Read the rest of this entry »

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Acting Headteacher Blog – And rest…


A slightly belated entry after a longer day than anticipated. Never two days the same in a school and today has seen celebrations, meetings, lunches, planning, an ugly bug ball, movies, painting, blogging, making and doing!  Read the rest of this entry »

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Acting Headteacher Blog Y6 Science + News

Hello – this week I offer a window in to the classroom. Actually it’s 4 windows of  semi-scripted education and entertainment involving light, science and modern technology. I take no credit for the hard work of the Year  6 children and team but great delight in sharing our first video offerings via the blog. Read the rest of this entry »


Acting Headteacher Blog Connections and Collaborations



Connections and Collaboration

The human brain makes a staggering number of connections, a number so large as to be incomprehensible in any meaningful sense to me. It’s a lot!

During the course of a school day we all make connections, maybe not on such a grand scale as those going on inside our brains but we connect with various people either face to face, over the phone, by email, letter, text or even a wave from a distance or a beep of a horn. It’s these connections that make a school such a vibrant place to be. Each member of the school community brings with them a unique viewpoint and it would be a very poor world indeed if everyone thought the same way about the same things. Read the rest of this entry »

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Acting Headteacher Blog Allotment + News

Week Two

So ends another week.

It also brings an end to our allotment link through the Parish Council. We took on an allotment at the beginning of last year and had great plans to grow produce and have the children take pride in caring and cultivating plants over a period of time, establishing the allotment as part of our school curriculum. We firmly believe in the value of outdoor learning – experiencing the world through exploration and investigation. Read the rest of this entry »

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Acting Headteacher Blog Welcome

Hello and welcome to the new school year.

It has been so lovely to see all the staff, children, parents and carers returning to school after the holidays and sharing their stories with each other. Each new year brings with it new expectations, hopes and fears and you can feel a real buzz around the school as we all get up and running with the rhythms of school life again. Read the rest of this entry »


Scream Machine – Narhwhals and Swordfish

We will be looking at forces this half term and using theme parks as an example of forces at work. The links below are a good place to start investigating the forces at work and having fun designing rides.

This is a link to Amusement Park Physics.


This is a marble rollercoaster designer.


This is a rollercoaster ride designer with different levels to access.


Have fun and let me know what you have learned 🙂