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Super Shapes

What's the value of the circle?

The value of the circle changes in each problem. Can you work out its value? Try to explain how you worked it out.

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Decimal dilemma

I love Maths

The answer is 84.1   What could the question be? Use different maths operations to make up three different questions.



What’s the deal?

Delicious doughnut


Mr Fox wants some doughnuts – but he likes to save money whenever he can. He found a coupon in the paper for Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. The coupon was for £1 off a dozen doughnuts. This week they are on sale for £3.99 a dozen without the coupon and £0.35 a piece if you use the coupon. What do you think Mr Fox will do and why?

The offer ends soon though – so please help him make up his mind FAST!