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Year 5 Egyptian God Character Descriptions

This week we have been creating our own Egyptian Gods and writing character descriptions in our creative writing. Read the rest of this entry »


Year 5 Fractions

Year 5 have been busy this week working with fractions. Read the rest of this entry »


Year 5 Pharaohs – Tutankhamun

This week we have been writing diary entries about the opening of Tutankhamun’s tomb from the point of view of Howard Carter, one of his team or a reporter. Read the rest of this entry »


Pantomime Treat

Today a travelling theatre company came into school and put on a show for us all (Oh yes they did!).

Read on to find out what our Year 5 children thought.   Read the rest of this entry »


Year 5 Pharaohs

Our topic this term is Pharaohs. Read further to find out what we have been doing in class so far…


Read the rest of this entry »


Year 5 – I Am Warrior

Our current topic in Nairobi Class is “I am Warrior”. We have been learning all about the Roman empire. Here are just a few of the things we have learnt so far.

We hope you enjoy reading our posts. Year 5 class.

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Acting Headteacher Blog Welcome

Hello and welcome to the new school year.

It has been so lovely to see all the staff, children, parents and carers returning to school after the holidays and sharing their stories with each other. Each new year brings with it new expectations, hopes and fears and you can feel a real buzz around the school as we all get up and running with the rhythms of school life again. Read the rest of this entry »


Super Shapes

What's the value of the circle?

The value of the circle changes in each problem. Can you work out its value? Try to explain how you worked it out.

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100 Word Challenge #2

Can you sell this fabulously fashionable and oh-so-tasty spaghetti jumper? Use no more than 100 words to convince someone to buy this product. Remember to use commands, adjectives and exciting punctuation!




Decimal dilemma

I love Maths

The answer is 84.1   What could the question be? Use different maths operations to make up three different questions.