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Hello – this week I offer a window in to the classroom. Actually it’s 4 windows of  semi-scripted education and entertainment involving light, science and modern technology. I take no credit for the hard work of the Year  6 children and team but great delight in sharing our first video offerings via the blog. Read the rest of this entry »


The power of insects – For Narwhal and Swordfish class

This is a link to the bbc iplayer programme about the role that insects play in our ecosystems. It has some fascinating information in it.


This is a link to the rather more gruesome insect dissection programme which examines the insides of various insects by taking them apart and studying them. Not for the faint hearted and remember – these are scientists who have many years of study behind them.


Choose to watch one or both of the episodes then let me know what you think, the first programme is 30 minutes long – the second is 60 minutes long.  🙂



Micro-organisms Investigation Narwhals

This week we have investigated micro-organisms and planned our own experiments like the one in the link below.

Blog about what you have learned and what you need to do to be a Super Scientist!



Narwhal Maths – Division

We have been looking at division in class so below is a link to the Woodlands Junior Primary School maths page on division which has some good links to Maths games you can use to practice your division skills, have a go and then post how you got on. Which is your favourite game to play? Which do you find the easiest and which can you get the highest score on?





Narwhals and Swordfish – The Silence Beneath The Bark

Watch and enjoy this 10 minute film. What do you think is happening? Where do you think it is set? What other creatures might live beneath the trees?

Find the film on Youtube by following this link.


Please post your comments.

The version we watched in class has a music score over the top of it – which version do you prefer? The link is below.




Write at least one hundred words to describe your superhero, remember to make it exciting for the reader!