Extraordinary ECO club

In the ECO club we help look after our school playground by developing  our frog pond, growing flowers and tidying things up.                                                                                                                                                                          The first thing we are planning to do is to paint the fence of the frog pond a different colour to make it stand out more. The next thing we are planning to do is grow flowers and vegetables and sell them to people and fund money for school resources.

We are also planning to make a vegetable and flower garden and make some mini beast hotels to attract insects. We have been thinking about making a garden for every season for example, for Easter we are going to make statues of crosses, tombs and festive creations for the school.

Look out for future Eco Club updates!

From Scarlet,Grace and Mia Year 5

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Dear bloggers ,

I am here to talk to you about RECYCLING , it is very important because it is :

  • endangering animals
  • making our world a horrible place
  • polluting
  • they are destroying our remarkable buildings for LANDFILLS

And many more , now we are  going to talk about endangered animals ( sea creatures ) . When people throw things on the ground it blows in the sea and sea creatures decide to eat it . It is not good because they are most likely for them to die  to DIE . On the news I  heard about a Whale that had eaten 80 plastic bags and unfortunately it DIED from it do you want that to happen ? No I didn’t think so .

Did you know also albatross BIRDS are suffering terribly ,also when a photographer went on the beach he saw a bird the bird was lying DEAD so because it was dead the photographer decided to cut it open I know it sounds disgusting but he wanted to see what might of coursed it . Inside of it was plastic rappers , bottle lids and just plastic in general .


  • 14 million glass bottles and jars are sent to landfill in the UK EVERYDAY .
  • recycling is important because you don’t waste money.
  • 21.5 million tons of food is wasted each year.

 Please help save the world it is very important please do you could save poor sea creatures lives .

Emma year 5








































































































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Save the world!

Dear everyone,

I am informing you about the plastic sent to landfills. Everyday our plastic we throw in the bin is sent to landfills. When our plastic is sitting in the landfills, chemicals are built up named leachate which damage ( or kill ) plants, wild life and it pollutes water. Do you want to be responsible for this?

By Manish

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Consider the Poppy By Honey Year 6

In Year 6 our topic is WW1. We first heard Simon Armitage read his own poem ‘Consider the Poppy’and used it to write our own.

Consider the poppy                                                                Think it a gushing river; flowing with the blood of a soldier
Think it a fire,filled with sorrow and sadness
Think it a heart, rapidly beating and full of life
Think it a tree; who’s leaves are falling into a field full of grass

Consider the Poppy
Think it a crisp snowflake; landing on the ground
Think it a tear,running down a pail frozen face
Think it a cloud; full of rain
Think it a sign, a sign of rememberance for those who gave up their life
Consider the Poppy
By Honey Y6

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NIchos marvels adventure By Brandon

One beautiful summers day,there was a boy called Nicho who was playing in his front garden with his new toy. When suddenly he shot a bulllet and it formed into a magical portal. Where could this mysterious portal lead?

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Year 5 Fantasy Narratives

In Year 5, we have been writing our own fantasy stories which involve travelling through mysterious and magical portals.  Read extracts from our exciting stories below.  Don’t forget to leave a comment and let us know what you think of our stories!

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The Unususal Toilet

One normal sunny day a 12yr old boy called Jeff was setting up his new VR game miugi smash- down. After half an hour of setting up His game, he finally got his headset on. Then his mum called him and they were going to set off to go on holiday.

Once he got on the plane he went to the bathroom,when he had flushed it he had gotten sucked in. He dropped out of the plane he suddenly past out.once he woke up he was at a mysterious place with weirdly designed trees.there were goblins and gnomes and all weird creatures. Time was paused while he was on that island. But what island was he on?

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Consider the Poppy by Davey

In Year Six, our topic is ‘Fallen Fields’. We have been writing a poem called ‘Consider the Poppy’ by Simon Armitage





Consider the poppy, think it a black hole of loneliness

                               Think it a wound hole with blood red and silk of its  petals.

 Think it a river,calmly flowing through No Man’s Land

Think it an eye blind eye a blind staring at you

Remember them who fought in battle.


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Leo and the dragon By Miles&

Two hours later, he saw the massive dragon sitting on a rather large twig. Suddenly the dragon staggered towards Leo with an angry face. Leo pulled his vorpal sword out of his pocket. He tried to stab the dragon in the heart but it flew up into the sky. Leo, then decided to throw his pointy sword at the dragon. Luckily it hit the dragon in the eye. The blue dragon, fell to the floor and made the leaves fly up into the sky.

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The Lost Land by Ruby

On a bright,leafy Autumn’s day, a little, bubbly girl called Libbie, opened the backdoor and walked out looking at the fascinating garden. She felt dull because her parents went to Hamsterdam so she was stuck with her boring, old granny. Her granny wasn’t like any other light-hearted granny’s, that’s why Libbie didn’t like spending time with her. Linnie went to the bottom of the garden when all of a sudden she saw something brown under a old blossom tree.


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