Year 6 Pizza Party

As a reward for winning the TT Rock Stars Maths Week Tournament Year 6 had a pizza party on Friday. It was delicious!

Storytelling in Year 2.

Maths Week England Rock Out 2019

Well done to all the children who took part in our Maths Week England Rock out on TT Rock Stars to try earn as many points for themselves and school as they could.

The individual winners are:

  • 1st – Faith Year 5
  • 2nd – Kacper Year 6
  • 3rd – Sophie Year 6

The class winners are:

  • 1st – Year 6 (Winning a Pizza Party!)
    2nd – Year 5
    3rd – Year 4

Thank you to all students and staff for their time and effort!

Miss Charles 🙂

Barvember 2019

In Year 6 we have been taking part in Barvember. This is a national maths challenge published each day which gives you 5 problems a day that lend themselves to being answered with a bar model. We have been focusing on number 3 & 4.

The problems are sometimes very tricky but we have been having a good go at solving these puzzles and explaining them to the rest of the class. Here are some examples of our hard work:

#Barvember #MathsEveryoneCan

Year 6 Autumn 2

Last term was fantastic and everyone settled in so well. We are all hopefully in our routines and all children are working well in their jobs now too. Let’s have another great term running up to Christmas.

This term we are learning:

  • Maths – Multiplication, division, factors and multiples
  • English – Information texts, portal stories and Christmas poems
  • Topic (History) – Our Monarchs
  • Art & Design – Mixed media
  • Science – Electricity
  • PE – Gymnastics

Dates to note:

  • Thursday – PE every week
  • Mondays – Spellings and times table tests (Homework in)
  • Thursday 5th December – Christmas Fair
  • Friday 20th December – Last day of term

Miss Charles 🙂

Toy Visitor

Today we were visited by Mrs Garside from Shibden Hall. She came to help us learn more about toys from the past. We had a fantastic time learning and playing with the toys. We also got the chance to draw our favourite. We have had a fantastic day!

Year 1

Year 4 Autumn Term 2

This half-term we are learning:

Maths: Measuring length, calculating perimeter and area, multiplication and division

English: Writing and performing a rhythm and rap poem, writing an explanation text

Science: Living things and their habitats

RE: The deeper meaning of festivals

Art: Painting poppies and drawing animal habitats

PE: Gymnastics

ICT: Programing

Mrs Hallworth, Mrs Broadbent and Miss Teale

Year 1

Autumn 2

Firstly a big welcome back! We had a great start to the new school year last half term and hope to have a fantastic time on the run up to Christmas.

This half term we will be :
English : writing a finding story based on the book, Lost in the toy museum and looking at letters linked to the Jolly Christmas Postman.

Phonics – phase 4 letters and sounds. This is all about consolidating phase 3 and beginning to write cvcc and ccvc words aswell as beginning to write longer sentences and write more words correctly.

Maths : addition, subtraction and place value up to 20.
We will be learning number facts and creating fact families using addition, subtracting by crossing out and learning about numbers with tens and ones.

Topic : history of toys.
We will be looking at and comparing toys from the past and present, looking at Victorian toys and recognising how toys have changed over time.
We have a special visitor on Tuesday 12th November linked to our topic.

Science : materials
We will be identifying different types of materials and their properties, be able to tell the difference between an object and the material it is made from, sort objects by their properties and test materials to create a waterproof coat for a teddy.

RE : What does Christmas mean to Christians?
We will be thinking about the importance of Jesus at Christmas and how important he is. We will be looking for signs of Jesus on the run up to Christmas especially in church.

Art: printing using different objects.
We plan on using different objects to print with to create artwork. Our new skills will come in handy when making our Christmas cards.

PE: gymnastics – on a Tuesday.
We will be learning how to move apparatus carefully, move in different ways, creating different shapes with our bodies and friends and linking two actions together to make a sequence.

ICT and Music will be taught on a Wednesday afternoon.

We are looking forward to having lots of fun in the run up to Christmas and to continue our learning journey together.

Keep checking in for important dates.

Thank you for your continued support,

Miss Briggs and the Year 1 team x

Year 2 Autumn 2

Welcome back to Autumn 2 in Year 2. We are looking forward to this special half term in the lead up to Christmas.

This half term in Year 2 our topic is ‘Once Upon a Time…’ and we will be learning:

Phonics – We will be continuing phase 5 alternative pronunciations for graphemes.

GPS – We will be learning how to use commas in a list, expanded noun phrases using adjectives and different sentence types.

Addition &Subtraction

• Recall and use addition and subtraction facts to 20 fluently, and derive and use related facts up to 100.

• Subtract numbers using concrete objects, pictorial representations, and mentally, including: subtracting a one digit number from a two digit number; subtracting a two digit number from a two digit number exchanging.

• Solve problems with addition and subtraction: using concrete objects and pictorial

Measurement: Money -Count money in pence and pounds (notes and coins), compare money and find the total, find the difference and find change, including two step problems.

Number: Multiplication- Recognise equal groups, make equal groups, add equal groups. Multiplication sentences using the x symbol. Multiplication sentences from pictures. Use arrays. 2 times-table. • 5 times-table. • 10 times-table.

History: Remembrance Day – knowing who and why we remember on the 11th November each year.

The Great Fire of London – To know and understand key features of an event beyond living memory that is nationally significant.

Geography – Human and physical features– exploring hot and cold areas (Equator, North & South Poles)

Art – Sparks & Flames. Working with colour, create and experiment with shades of colour, recognise warm and cold colours, create washes to form backgrounds.

DT – Paper mache fruit, Christmas picture frames

RE – Incarnation – Why is Christmas Important to Christians?

PE – (every Friday afternoon) Gymnastics – Sequencing, balance, travel, jump and roll.

Thank you for your continued support.

Mrs Darbyshire and Mrs Lupton.

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