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Toy Visitor

Today we were visited by Mrs Garside from Shibden Hall. She came to help us learn more about toys from the past. We had a fantastic time learning and playing with the toys. We also got the chance to draw our favourite. We have had a fantastic day!

Year 1

Year 1

Autumn 2

Firstly a big welcome back! We had a great start to the new school year last half term and hope to have a fantastic time on the run up to Christmas.

This half term we will be :
English : writing a finding story based on the book, Lost in the toy museum and looking at letters linked to the Jolly Christmas Postman.

Phonics – phase 4 letters and sounds. This is all about consolidating phase 3 and beginning to write cvcc and ccvc words aswell as beginning to write longer sentences and write more words correctly.

Maths : addition, subtraction and place value up to 20.
We will be learning number facts and creating fact families using addition, subtracting by crossing out and learning about numbers with tens and ones.

Topic : history of toys.
We will be looking at and comparing toys from the past and present, looking at Victorian toys and recognising how toys have changed over time.
We have a special visitor on Tuesday 12th November linked to our topic.

Science : materials
We will be identifying different types of materials and their properties, be able to tell the difference between an object and the material it is made from, sort objects by their properties and test materials to create a waterproof coat for a teddy.

RE : What does Christmas mean to Christians?
We will be thinking about the importance of Jesus at Christmas and how important he is. We will be looking for signs of Jesus on the run up to Christmas especially in church.

Art: printing using different objects.
We plan on using different objects to print with to create artwork. Our new skills will come in handy when making our Christmas cards.

PE: gymnastics – on a Tuesday.
We will be learning how to move apparatus carefully, move in different ways, creating different shapes with our bodies and friends and linking two actions together to make a sequence.

ICT and Music will be taught on a Wednesday afternoon.

We are looking forward to having lots of fun in the run up to Christmas and to continue our learning journey together.

Keep checking in for important dates.

Thank you for your continued support,

Miss Briggs and the Year 1 team x

Year 6 Whitby 2019

Year 1 – Reading Raffle

In year one we celebrate reading at home with a raffle.
Each time your child reads at home and has their reading record signed they receive a raffle ticket.

At the end of the week 3 children are picked and have the chance to go in the star box. All tickets remain in the jar and at the end of the half term 1 ticket is chosen to win a book.

We are very excited to find out who our first winners will be.

Here are some helpful tips to support reading at home:
Let your child select the book. (it doesn’t always have to be their reading book
Discuss the cover, the author/ illustrator.
Look through the book together and talk about the pictures
Take turns to read.

Thank you for your continued support,
Miss Briggs

Year 1

Autumn 1

We have had an extremely busy start to the school year and have learnt lots already.

Our topic this half term is Marvellous me.
In our topic we are looking at why we are special and who is special to us.
History – How we have changed from birth to now.
Geography -Where we live including our address and all about our school.

In Science we are looking at the human body and five senses.
We will be labelling our body parts.
Learning how to look after our body.
Discovering our five senses and using them to create a tasty and healthy snack.

In maths we are looking at
Place value within 10 – sorting objects, counting amounts, counting forwards and backwards, finding more and less and comparing amounts using symbols, ordering amounts,learning about ordinal numbers and the number line.
Addition and subtraction within 10 – learning the part whole method, fact families of numbers to 10, number bonds within and to 10, adding together, finding a part, and taking away by; crossing out and counting back.

English – we are looking at the familiar story, The Gruffalo.
We have been learning about labels and lists. We started by labelling the Gruffalo and using our labels to write super sentences about the character. We have now created our own monster and plan to, name it, label it and create a wanted poster to warn people about our monster.
Later this half term we will be writing postcards using our address. We plan on writing our postcard to tell people about our monster and what it eats.
We will also innovate part of the Gruffalo using our new monster.

Phonics – we will be recapping phonemes from phase 3 and 4 and using graphemes to write words that we will put in to super sentences.

Art and DT
In Art we will be mixing colours to create new ones and learning about Picasso. We will hopefully recreate one of Picassos famous works of art.
In DT we will be designing, creating and evaluating a healthy snack. We will also be creating something tasty using a Gruffalo!

RE – In RE we are looking at the parable of the Lost Son. We will be learning what a parable is. We will be looking at forgiveness and compassion and why they are important to God.

PE – In PE we will be learning different games. This half term we are focussing on moving the ball in different ways and hope that by the end of the half term to be playing some games.

PSHE – this half term our main focus is community which links with the Harvest festival.
We will also be learning how to wash our hands properly and look after ourselves.
We will also have visitors from the dental team and road safety team.

A quick reminder from us –
Monday – homework is due back.
Tuesday – PE and new homework is given out.
Wednesday – Miss Briggs isn’t in.
Thursday –
Friday – celebration assembly and rewards given.

Harvest Festival is in church on Thursday 3rd October.

Any concerns please don’t hesitate to ask.
Year one team.

Welcome Back!

Welcome back Year 3!

This half term our topic is World War 2. In topic we will be looking; at why the War began, the home front, different armed forces and what entertainment was like.

In English we will be, writing recounts, letters and a twist on a fairy tale. We will also be sharing the book Letters from the Lighthouse.

In math we will be learning to; tell the time, investigating shapes and learning to measure weight and liquid.

In Science we are learning all about plants and hopefully will get to try some chips made from the potatoes we planted in the Spring.

In Art we will be learning how to print with different materials and will hopefully make some great patterns.

This half term is a busy one and along side all our work we also have;
Sports Day – 5th July
One Britain, One Nation Day – 28th June
Transition Day – 3rd July
Only Safety open morning – 2nd July
Summer Fair – 18th July
End of Year service -19th July
School closes – 23rd July

Year 3 at Tatton Park

Yesterday we stepped back in time, we went back to 410 AD and learnt all about how the Anglo Saxons lived.
We braided wool, made bread and practiced going in to battle.
We had a fantastic day at Tatton Park and our Anglo Saxon friends really helped us to understand more about this time. It was a great end to the half term.

Miss Briggs x

Chinese New Year

Today we had a great day learning about Chinese New Year.

We wrote in Mandarin,watched a dragon dance, made vegetable spring rolls and tried different foods.

Maths open morning – Year 3

Yesterday we had a great time practicing our 8 times tables and showing our parents/guardians how we learn.

We played snap, naughts and crosses, multiplication word searches and also our favourite  times table rock-stars.

We loved learning a new times table and by the end of our lesson we nearly new all our 8 times tables!! Go us!!

Year 3 Art Day

On Monday we had a very special Art day. We invited Tony Bullock in to help us with some Chinese art.

We painted a pig to link with Chinese New Year.

We drew a wax dragon and used paint over the top, this is called wax resist art work.

We also painted a panda using different brush strokes.