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As part of our Future Learning Partnership, four children from year two had a go at some kick-boxing today. They went up to BBEC and did lots of different warm up activities, learnt lots of different kicks, and then put some of the moves that they had learnt into combinations. Here are some pictures from the afternoon:

Mr Platt 🙂

Year 6 Production

Last Thursday, year six performed their end of year production. They will be performing it for a final time this week.

There are a few different people who myself, and year six, would like to thank for helping us prepare. Firstly, we would like to thank Mr Horsfall and Miss Holdsworth from BBEC. They came in on Monday mornings to help with casting, learning lines, learning the songs and the dances.

We would also like to thank Mr Dolphin for recording the performance, Mrs Riaz who stepped in on the morning to help with the girls’ hair,  and Mrs Artist for helping us learn the songs every Wednesday.

Whenever Mrs Killmartin has had a spare minute, she has made the time to come and help us. She has taught us dances, songs and has given us lots of advice and stage directions.

Finally, Mrs Lupton has worked extremely hard to ensure we have everything we need ready for the production. She has created all the settings and has gathered together everything needed for the costumes.

Mr Platt 🙂 

Year 5 Music Workshop Day 2

Here are the photographs of the second day of the music workshop.

Thank you to all the parents who came and enjoyed the performance. For those parents who could not attend, here are some sections of the show for you to watch.

Finally, we would like to say a HUGE thank you to Miss Boswell and Mr Nash at BBEC for running the workshop but also surprising us with the gift of keeping all the instruments 🙂

We are so grateful and we now have a range of instruments in our school such as bomwhackers, tambourines, 5 ukuleles, maracas and many more!

Miss Charles

Year 5 Music Workshop 21/6/17

Here are some photographs and videos of the children enjoying the music workshop today with Miss Boswell and Mr Nash from BBEC. The children learnt two songs, how to play different instruments, make sounds with their bodies and also some information about soul music.


Year 6 Performance

Year six have just received a DVD from BBEC which contains the performance we did before Christmas. Unfortunately, the image footage wouldn’t transfer from the DVD to the blog, but there is an audio file which you can listen to.

Mr Platt 🙂

Production – Week 2!

This week year six have worked really hard to learn their lines. On Monday morning, they managed to get through the first six scenes and practice a couple of the dance routines!

Mr Platt 🙂

Year 5 Music Production BBEC Final Session

On Friday, Year 5 had their final session at BBEC with Mr Theakston. They created a new soundtrack for Flintstones and included sound effects too. They were really good and some were really funny too.

Thank you to BBEC and Mr Theakston for allowing us to have these sessions. The children have really enjoyed it and have gained lots of skills too.

Year 5 BBEC Music Production

Over the last few weeks Year 5 have been learning how to create and edit music at BBEC. They have been creating background music for a video clip. They had to choose the music as well as creating different volumes in different parts of the clip.

Well done for being well behaved, polite and helping each other.



Four children had the opportunity to visit BBEC on Thursday for a trial session of trampolining! They learnt how to stay safe on a trampoline, how to perform different moves and then how to put them into a routine. Here is a short video of some pictures from the event:

Mr Platt 🙂


The Caravan & When I Grow Up

Year six performed an assembly this morning for their parents and the children in key stage two. This was all their own work based on the different things they have been learning this half term. There have been a lot of children poorly this week, so the class did really well to put this together.

Here is the performance of our class story – The Caravan. It is followed by the performance of ‘When I Grow Up’ which the children learnt with two teachers from BBEC earlier in the year:

Well done year six, I thought you were excellent this morning and you made me very proud!

Mr Platt 🙂