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Bonfire Night and Fireworks in Reception!

Year 1’s Magic Box!

Last week, Year 1 wrote some wonderful Bonfire Night senses poems based on Kit Wright’s poem ‘The Magic Box’. We popped our Bonfire Night poems into our very own magical box and overnight something amazing happened …



Our poems disappeared and we were left with some instructions on ‘how to make sparkler treats’.


IMG_1133IMG_1137  IMG_1136 IMG_1144 IMG_1147 IMG_1149

We had so much fun following the instructions we have decided to write some of our own to share with our friends. If you would like to know how to make chocolate sparkler treats, pop in and see Year 1!

Bonfire Night

This week the children have been learning why we celebrate Bonfire Night. We have learnt the story of Guy Fawkes and the rhyme ‘Remember, Remember.’

Firework crafts 230Firework crafts 251

We have used different media to create our own Bonfire and Firework pictures and look at our fabulous rockets!

Firework crafts 254 Firework crafts 255 Firework crafts 256 Firework crafts 257 Firework crafts 258 Firework crafts 259

Firework crafts 261

On the 5th November we talked about how to stay safe on Bonfire Night and the children made safety posters to tell other people how to stay safe.

Bonfire night posters 005 Bonfire night posters 006 Bonfire night posters 007 Bonfire night posters 008 Bonfire night posters 009 Bonfire night posters 010

Bonfire night posters 011

We even had our own sparklers and we were very proud of how sensible the children were and followed the Firework Safety Code to stay safe and have fun!

033 037 038 039 043 044 045 047 049 053 054 055 058 059 064 067 068 070 071 073 075 078 080 086 088 096

The children made their own traditional toffee apples with chocolate and sprinkles.

First we washed and dried our apples.

Toffee apples 002

Then we put the lolly stick in the end of the apple. It was very hard!

Toffee apples 027

Next we broke up the pieces of cooking chocolate and the children spotted the square shapes and counted them into the bowl.

Toffee apples 008

To melt the chocolate the children put it in the microwave for 1 minute and watched as it turned from a solid to a liquid.

Toffee apples 034 Toffee apples 036

Toffee apples 016

It smelt lovely in the classroom today!

Toffee apples 038

Now the chocolate was runny we could dip our apples in the mixture and coat them with scrummy chocolate.

Toffee apples 019 030 033032

Finally we decorated them with sprinkles.


Toffee apples 023

They look really scrummy. I’m sure the children will love eating them, it is the best part!!

Year 1 – Bonfire Night Safety!

Today, Year 1 have created a Bonfire night safety poster. We printed straws into different coloured paint and added glitter and stars to make a firework effect. We also added some top tips on how to stay safe!

Enjoy your bonfire night & stay safe!

Miss Galtress & Year 1 🙂