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Trip to York Chocolate Story

Year 4 had an amazing time in York today as they had a guided tour of York Chocolate Story and attended a Science workshop at the Methodist Church.

The children were really well behaved and enjoyed learning about the history of chocolate, tasting different kinds of chocolate and making their own chocolate lollies and wall paper.

Well done, Year 4 and Thank you Mick and Edwina for coming with us.

Mrs Hallworth, Mrs Broadbent and Miss Teale.


Quick reminder that it is Year 4s class assembley next week – Thursday 12th November. Come and find out about what we learnt last half term.

Year 4

Our school trip to York Chocolate Story

On Wednesday 21st October, Year 4 visited York Chocolate Story. We traveled by coach and it took about an hour. We were all extremely excited because we were going to taste and make chocolate.

As soon as we arrived we went upstairs into a small room, it was very dark. We watched a video about Mayans and Aztecs fighting for cocoa beans. The Mayans discovered they could make a cocoa drink which we got to try, it was horrible. We learnt that the Aztec emperor drank 50 cups of the cocoa everyday and he believed it made him stronger.

Next we went into another room and we saw talking photographs(in frames) of different famous sweet makers such as; Rowntrees; Terrys; Cravens and Frys. Each of the sweet makers told us about which chocolates and sweets they had made, they argued between each other and gave us an insight into the world of chocolate making. On our way out we got to try a quality street sweet.

After that we went into another room and learnt about how the chocolates were made and the different jobs you could of had. The jobs included; professional wobbabilty testers, Easter egg wrappers; chocolate decorators and chocolate box makers. We also watched a video and it showed how chocolate were made, the workers sang a song from World War 1 which we all joined in with.

Then we went down into the chocolate factory to learn about how the chocolate is made, on an interactive activity.

Once we had learnt how to make the chocolate we got to taste the chocolate. First we had to put the chocolate on the back of our hands so it didn’t melt. Then we had to smell the chocolate, listen to the crack it made when it was snapped and finally we tasted it.

After that we got to make our very own chocolate lolly and we got to try freshly made chocolates, Mmm they were delicious!

Finally we had a lovely stroll down the Shambles in the centre of York followed by eating our lunch by the Castle museum. Everyone had chance to have a play on the grass whilst eating some sweets.

We all had a fantastic time and would like to thank all the adults for taking us and looking after us.

Love Year 4 x