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Welcome Back!!

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Welcome back to school everybody after the six week holidays we hope you had a good break. We have welcomed all the new reception children now and they seem to be settling in to their new class really well.

Year 6 digital leaders.

Transition Day

We hope everyone has had an amazing transition day and we welcome all the new children in reception and the new teachers.

We welcome back Miss Briggs back from maternity leave and our new cover supervisor, Mrs Rawlinson, who will be working with Year 6.

Hope you like our first blog post

Digital Leaders


Digital Leaders Celebration Event 2017

Today, the Year 5 digital leaders went to the innovation centre, in Bradford, for a celebration event. They shared a presentation about their achievements in school over the year, which can be seen below. They then received a wristband and certificate to say they had successfully completed the training to be a digital leader.

The children also had the opportunity to speak to some visitors about some new technology and games and review them. They received a free mug for this too.

Well done to all the children involved. You have acted as role models to the rest of the school and your confidence has grown immensely. I am very proud of your maturity throughout the training but especially today.

A very proud Miss Charles 🙂


Fair Trade

Last week, Mrs Cook did an assembly on Fair Trade. She then asked us, the digital leaders to post on the blog to let everyone know what it is about.

Here is some information:

Fair trade is where farmers get a fair price for their crops like apple, coco beans, corn, carrots and many more. When you go to the supermarket, look for the fair-trade sticker on the fruit and veg but there is also many more items that have the sticker on. To give the farmers what they really earn, you can give buy the food that has it on, the money that you give will go to the farmers so they can live a happy life.

Year 5 Digital Leaders

Internet Safety Day 2017

Well done to our digital leaders.

This morning our very talented digital leaders lead an assembly about being safe on the internet.

They worked on a slideshow for a few weeks, on their own and practised it in a team. They told the whole school about how to stay safe and SMART online. They answered questions from the rest of the school and checked out some passwords on https://howsecureismypassword.net/ 

Miss Charles has also launched an internet safety poster competition for the whole school. If you want to enter design a poster (on the computer or by hand) and hand it to Miss Charles by the closing date, which is Friday 10th February. Good luck!

Year 5 Digital Leaders

Yesterday the digital leaders went on their second training day at the innovation centre in Bradford. They learnt how to make a 3D image on www.tinkercad.com, they made a badge and Mr Scott will be printing it on the 3D printer for us.

The children then learnt how to create a super safe password on www.howsecureismypassword.net. They have a few assignments to do in the next few weeks to earn their first few online badges so will be working on those in their own time and lunches.

The six children involved are very responsible and independent. I am very proud of their behavior yesterday and their attitudes in general.


Presentation to the rest of the group about what they have been doing in school.

img_2496img_2500 img_2497 img_2499

Miss Charles

Year 5 Digital Leaders

This morning the six Year 5 digital leaders went to the Innovation Centre for their first day of training. The children looked at the qualities they need to have to be a good digital leader and what they will need to do in school. They also talked about e-safety and why this is important.

After that the children had a go at using a green screen app. It was really fun but easy too. We will be able teach others in school now.


Year 6 Digital Leaders Celebration

Yesterday the Year 6 Digital Leaders went to the Innovation centre in Bradford, for their final meeting.

The children presented to the group and explained all the work they had done in school over the last year.

Well done boys!


Miss Charles will be looking to recruit a new set of digital leaders next year in year 5.


This Week At St Pauls

This week in school, it has been another spectacular, but educational week. Also, another week towards Year 6’s residential ( London ) and Cinderella and Rockerfella play. As well as this, many trips have occurred, for instance: Year 6’s trip to the Tesco workshop and their other trip to BBEC Career fair.

Year 5 are still currently learning about WW2 and so far they have learnt various facts. Not only are they being educated, they’re having fun at the same time.

At present, Year 3 are on a sensational residential for one night. It is the first time they have actually been on a residential.

Year 4, carrying on a roman topic, have been finishing their shields and have been designing their own coins. Furthermore, they have been doing data-handling including various graphs.

Using the internet or books, year 2 have been learning about African animals. They also made reports and read them to different classes.

In reception they are learning about life cycles. They hatched a caterpillar, which turned into a butterfly!

Another brilliant week counting down to our London trip and other great joys. For now have a happy half term holiday.

By: Luke, Bailey and Hashim.

This Week At St Pauls

In school this week it has been another ordinary but great week.Also, another week counting down to year 6’s SAT s. A couple of amazing trips have also featured this week.

In year 4, they have been on a residential to Kings Wood, which started on Wednesday. I’m sure they all had a good time for we are writing about this on Friday.

In year 6(our class) we have carried on our topic about letters and have started to look at pie charts.

Another trip this week was for year 5. They went to Huddersfield University to see what being at university is like

.Also, year 5  researched  World War 2.

Reception carried on doing growth work when they looked at gardening in spring and snow and, may have carried on doing Jonah Whale.

In year 3, they’ve carried on with rugby- done plant experiments and parallel lines.

Not only year 6’s SAT s are coming up, but year 2’s SAT s also are coming up. Both year 6 and 2 have worked hard and now SAT s are only a couple of days away. We hope they end in success!

In year 2, they’ve doing fractions in maths. Furthermore, they’ve been looking at habitats, reports, recounts and all-sports.

Finally, in year 1, continuing with the magic porridge pot, have written the story in their own words. In addition, in maths, they have looked at the value of coins and notes and have been making fairy-tale puppets.

To conclude this, it has been a good week and we hope you agree. We would appreciate it if you could take a minute to comment on whats happening in the week on our blog.

It has been another mind-blowing,amazing week.

Thank you for reading this.

Owain & Luke