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Fun in Year Four!

Here are some photos of Year 4 working hard and having fun at the same time!

They did a couple of experiments in Science to find out if the bubbles in fizzy drinks are weightless or not, and to work out how long it takes for chocolate to melt at different temperatures. They then made their own lollies since it would have been a shame to waste all that lovely chocolate!

They designed a chocolate bar label and wrapper in Art/DT lessons.

In English they worked in groups to write and perform a TV advert to sell a fizzy drink , a chocolate bar or a packet of crisps.

No need to say we have been feeling very hungry all week!!

Well done, Year 4!

Mrs Hallworth, Mr Collier, Mr Daynes and Mrs Rashid.


Florence Nightingale visits Year 2

Year 2 have been finding out about significant people from the past. As part of their research, they have been looking at Florence Nightingale. Luckily, she was able to visit us in school and share her achievements and what life was really like during her lifetime.


Florence brought in some items for us to touch and see. There was also some smells so that we could really imagine what it was like at the hospital in Scutari.

We also did some drama. The children could choose whether to be porters or nurses.

They had to:

  • Travel to Scutari on a boat for 2 weeks
  • Clean the hospital at Scutari
  • Remove all dirty bandages and bedding
  • Use clean clothes and clean sheets
  • Get rid of all the rats
  • Make sure that any injured soldiers had clean bandages
  • Give the soldiers healthy food to eat
  • Empty bed pans!!!


Florence Nightingale was significant because she changed how people were looked after when they were ill. Her changes to nursing are still used today. She was known as the “Lady of the Lamp” because at night time she would go and check on the soldiers with a small lamp in her hand.

Year 2 really enjoyed their visit from Florence Nightingale.

Mrs T Smith

Year 4 in Pictures

I am pleased to say that Year 4 have made a very promising start.

Here are some pictures taken in the last couple of weeks, which include performing poetry, drawing story maps, Maths “little teachers” and ICT.

Well done, Year 4! Keep it up!

Mrs Hallworth, Mr Collier and Mr Daynes

Year 6 Production

Last Thursday, year six performed their end of year production. They will be performing it for a final time this week.

There are a few different people who myself, and year six, would like to thank for helping us prepare. Firstly, we would like to thank Mr Horsfall and Miss Holdsworth from BBEC. They came in on Monday mornings to help with casting, learning lines, learning the songs and the dances.

We would also like to thank Mr Dolphin for recording the performance, Mrs Riaz who stepped in on the morning to help with the girls’ hair,  and Mrs Artist for helping us learn the songs every Wednesday.

Whenever Mrs Killmartin has had a spare minute, she has made the time to come and help us. She has taught us dances, songs and has given us lots of advice and stage directions.

Finally, Mrs Lupton has worked extremely hard to ensure we have everything we need ready for the production. She has created all the settings and has gathered together everything needed for the costumes.

Mr Platt 🙂 

Year 6 Performance

Year six have just received a DVD from BBEC which contains the performance we did before Christmas. Unfortunately, the image footage wouldn’t transfer from the DVD to the blog, but there is an audio file which you can listen to.

Mr Platt 🙂

Production – Week 2!

This week year six have worked really hard to learn their lines. On Monday morning, they managed to get through the first six scenes and practice a couple of the dance routines!

Mr Platt 🙂

Well done, Year 4!

We’ve just had another fantastic week!

The children have been busy learning about Egypt, making Christingle oranges for our service in church, writing and performing their own poems. And these poems just blew our minds!

In Maths they did some work on symmetry and different types of lines. They also showed a lot of understanding and creativity when making symmetrical shapes with a partner in PE.

Well done, everyone!

Mrs Hallworth and Miss Nixon

Thank You, Year 4!

Thank you to Year 4 for making Miss Nixon and I feel welcome this week. We had a great time! You worked very hard every day but also had some fun learning and performing our rhythm and rap poem. A fantastic start to the new year!

Keep it up!

Here are some photos of your outstanding performances.

Mrs Hallworth


Year 6 Performance

A big well done to year six! This morning they performed the songs, Revolting Children and When I Grow Up, which they have been practicing with Miss Holdsworth and Mr Horsfall. They are going to create a video of the performance which I will upload on the blog when they pass it on to us.

Mr Platt 🙂 

Talking Turkeys

In English, year six are studying poetry this week. The focus, Talking Turkeys, is a Rhythm and Rap Poem written by Benjamin Zephaniah. He focus’ on poems that have a reggae rhythm. Each group took their turn to perform the poem in the way they thought best…

Mr Platt 🙂