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Welcome back to Year 2

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Welcome back to school Year 2.

Over the next half-term we will be learning about:

English -Poetry –  Free verse – Monkeys eat bananas
Poetry –   Fiction – Character descriptions
Maths – Number and place value    Addition and subtraction
ICT – Internet safety
Science – Animals, including humans
Topic – Nurturing Nurses
RE – God and Creation
Art – Guiseppe Abercrombie
PE – Fridays
Library – Thursdays

Thank you

Mrs T Smith


Digital Leaders Celebration Event 2017

Today, the Year 5 digital leaders went to the innovation centre, in Bradford, for a celebration event. They shared a presentation about their achievements in school over the year, which can be seen below. They then received a wristband and certificate to say they had successfully completed the training to be a digital leader.

The children also had the opportunity to speak to some visitors about some new technology and games and review them. They received a free mug for this too.

Well done to all the children involved. You have acted as role models to the rest of the school and your confidence has grown immensely. I am very proud of your maturity throughout the training but especially today.

A very proud Miss Charles 🙂


E-Safety Coffee Morning

Thank you to the parents who came along to our coffee morning on Friday. It was very interesting to find out how to keep children and ourselves safe online.

Here are some tips given by PCSO Luke Carson.

  • Protect your child online as much as you would in real life
  • Ensure that games and gaming sites are age appropriate
  • Remember that chat rooms are used inside games and children could be talking to strangers online
  • Apps all come with age restrictions and children in primary school should not be on most of them as they are 13+ or 16+ (Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Music.ly)
  • Check www.commonsensemedia.org to find out more about websites and apps
  • Protect your own family on adult accounts too by changing privacy settings, changing passwords including WiFi routers and not using public WiFi accounts
  • Check your child’s social media accounts, messages and computers randomly not scheduled or at the same time each week

Thank you again to Luke for coming in and informing us about this important subject.

If you would like more information about keeping safe online or the apps the children are using, do not hesitate to come and speak to us.

Miss Charles

Year 5 Digital Leaders

Yesterday the digital leaders went on their second training day at the innovation centre in Bradford. They learnt how to make a 3D image on www.tinkercad.com, they made a badge and Mr Scott will be printing it on the 3D printer for us.

The children then learnt how to create a super safe password on www.howsecureismypassword.net. They have a few assignments to do in the next few weeks to earn their first few online badges so will be working on those in their own time and lunches.

The six children involved are very responsible and independent. I am very proud of their behavior yesterday and their attitudes in general.


Presentation to the rest of the group about what they have been doing in school.

img_2496img_2500 img_2497 img_2499

Miss Charles

Year 5 E-Safety Talk

Yesterday Year 5 had a visit from Luke, a PCSO, he talked about keeping safe online and cyber bullying. It was very interesting and we learnt lots about the dangers of the internet, gaming and web cams.

image imageimageimage

Tell me one fact you you learnt?

What are your e-safety tips?

Year 5 Digital Leaders

This morning the six Year 5 digital leaders went to the Innovation Centre for their first day of training. The children looked at the qualities they need to have to be a good digital leader and what they will need to do in school. They also talked about e-safety and why this is important.

After that the children had a go at using a green screen app. It was really fun but easy too. We will be able teach others in school now.


Year 6 Digital Leaders Celebration

Yesterday the Year 6 Digital Leaders went to the Innovation centre in Bradford, for their final meeting.

The children presented to the group and explained all the work they had done in school over the last year.

Well done boys!


Miss Charles will be looking to recruit a new set of digital leaders next year in year 5.


This Week At St Pauls

This week in school, it has been another spectacular, but educational week. Also, another week towards Year 6’s residential ( London ) and Cinderella and Rockerfella play. As well as this, many trips have occurred, for instance: Year 6’s trip to the Tesco workshop and their other trip to BBEC Career fair.

Year 5 are still currently learning about WW2 and so far they have learnt various facts. Not only are they being educated, they’re having fun at the same time.

At present, Year 3 are on a sensational residential for one night. It is the first time they have actually been on a residential.

Year 4, carrying on a roman topic, have been finishing their shields and have been designing their own coins. Furthermore, they have been doing data-handling including various graphs.

Using the internet or books, year 2 have been learning about African animals. They also made reports and read them to different classes.

In reception they are learning about life cycles. They hatched a caterpillar, which turned into a butterfly!

Another brilliant week counting down to our London trip and other great joys. For now have a happy half term holiday.

By: Luke, Bailey and Hashim.

Internet Safety Open Morning 9.2.2016

Capture       IMG_1605

Today we presented an open morning to the parents about internet safety, We taught them about how to keep themselves and their children safe on the internet. We talked about:

  • viruses
  • passwords
  • hacking
  • cyber bullying
  • social media safety – it can be a dangerous as children under 13 are not welcome

Recap or things you should know.

  • Remember to supervise your child when he/she is on the internet.
  • Make sure there photos don’t include any personal details.
  • Remember to report cyber bullies or any online abuse.
  • Make sure your children don’t talk to strangers and are aware of those kind of dangers.

Thank you to all the parents who attended this morning. If you have any more questions, please comment on this post and we will reply as soon as we can.

Year 6 Digital Leaders Jake, Owain, Luke, Jack, Hashim, Bailey

Year 6 Digital Leaders Update

Just before Christmas the Year 6 digital leaders were visited by Paul Scott from the innovation centre. He asked the children how their leadership was going and what they had been doing in school.

He then blogged about us on the Currciulum Innovation website. This can be found at; Curriculum Innovation Blog

Here is the article:

St Paul’s CE Digital Leaders

st pauls ceA few week ago I visited Jen Charles at St Paul’s C.E. Primary school in Wibsey. Her children had attended cohort 1 of our Bradford Digital Leader Academy in September and this was my chance to catch up with her and the Digital Leaders to see what they had achieved since the training.

The Digital Leaders are Jack , Bailey, Owain, Hashim, Luke and Jake and they were all very enthusiastic with their responses and with their roles as Digital Leaders. One of the first activities they undertook was to share what they had learnt at the training sessions and explain their roles as Digital Leaders and what they expected to be doing across the school. To support this the children are regularly updating their school blog with posts about their activities and have pleased to get several positive comments on the blog about their activities.

The DLs have been ensuring that laptops are available for use on a morning, that they are well looked after and locked away appropriately when not in use and on charge for the next group.

At the moment the DLs are meeting sporadically but they have plans to meet on a more regular basis after the Christmas holiday. The children are familiar with Edmodo but intend using it more often to feedback on their activities and collect their online badges and certificates.

The children have already been actively working on promoting E-Safety at school by delivering at a whole school assembly. In the assembly they covered password security including passwords safe and checking the strength of their password online at howsecureismypassword. They also looked at keeping safe online by avoiding online scams and being careful when doing image searches. They even discussed the idea of looking for copyright free images.

The children are planning on doing more blogging about what they are doing in the Spring term to share with the community and their parents.