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World Mental Health Day 10.10.2018

Today is World Mental Health Day. Across the country and world people are talking about mental health and how important it is to talk. Mental health is about our feelings, our thinking, our emotions and our moods.

At St.Paul’s this year we are going to be talking a lot about mental health and keeping our children’s minds healthy.

In Year 6 we watched some videos about how we can reach out and talk about our feelings before they take over and what feelings are normal and those which are overwhelming.


If you are worried about your friends or you feel down or upset please talk to your teachers or staff in school;we can help 🙂

What is your advice Year 6?

Year 6 Science – Heart Rate

This afternoon in Year 6, we were finding out about our pulse and heart rate. We measured our pulse in three ways;

  • On our wrist
  • Using a data logger
  • Using an app on the ipad

We started planning our experiments and investigations and deciding how we will conduct them outside. Each group is going to find out something different. One experiment is about exercise and movement, one is about average heart rate and one is about different people’s heart rate. Next we will plan our method and how we will make it fair and accurate.

Can you tell me what you do to find your pulse?

How will you make your experiment fair?

School Nursing Review

Parent help needed

Could the parents of St Paul’s please take a few moments to complete this survey from the school nursing team. Follow the link below to access the survey.


The children and staff have also been asked to complete a similar questionnaire.

Thank you in advance

Miss Charles