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Year 6 Function Machines

In problem solving lessons, Year 6 have been learning about function machines and pretending to be human machines. The children were given a number then they had to use the function to change the number and give an output. In groups the children then created a machine for the other children,they had to guess the function using trial and error and patterns.

Can you solve this function machine by giving another example?

(Don’t post the answer)





Year 6 Maths Video – How to…

In Year 6 we have been making ‘How to’ videos to show other children how to work out maths problems. We have learnt that teaching someone else do something is a good way to remember methods and the videos can help others too.

There is also a video of out-takes which is quite funny too.

Hope you like them.


Year 5 Maths

This week in maths we have been learning how to find the perimeter of a shape using different units of measure. Today we found out the perimeter of the Wembley pitch by doubling each side and adding together the result. We found out that it is 348m.

We then investigated other real-life perimeters in the classroom.


Year 5 Maths

This week we have been learning about fractions. We found patterns and equivalences and also worked out how to change an improper farction to a mixed number. Well done.

Year 5 mini-teachers

In maths, this week, Ruby, Rajveer, Carter, Lucas, Renae and Josh, have been helping out other groups in the class with their maths work.

They guided another team and helped them to work out the cube numbers we were learning about. They taught them strategies and easier ways to solve problems.

Well done!

Year 5 Autumn 2

This term we are learning:

  • Maths – Negative numbers, addition, subtraction, word problems
  • English – Autobiographies and biographies. Space stories
  • Topic – Space
  • Science – Earth and space
  • PE (Mondays)  – Dance
  • Problem Solving Maths – Picture maths
  • ICT – Internet safety continued and PowerPoint
  • PSHE: E-safety, independence

Dates to note:

  • Swimming continues every Tuesday
  • Wednesday 16th November Planetarium Visit (£3 donation)
  • Countdown to Christmas begins – See Christmas leaflet for dates

Miss C 🙂


Year 5 Science and Maths

In Year 5 this week we have been learning lots of new facts and skills. We have had lots of hands on learning such as experiments, games and team work.

Here are some photographs of our learning.

img_2318 img_2319 img_2320 img_2321 img_2323 img_2324 img_2325 img_2326 img_2328 img_2329 img_2330 img_2331 img_2332 img_2333 img_2334 img_2335

money-problem-1 money-problem-2 money-problem-3 money-problem-4 money-problem-5 money-problem-6 money-problem-7 money-problem-8 money-problem-9

What new facts have you learnt this week?

What new skills have you used this week?

Miss C 🙂

This Week At St Pauls

This week in school, it has been another spectacular, but educational week. Also, another week towards Year 6’s residential ( London ) and Cinderella and Rockerfella play. As well as this, many trips have occurred, for instance: Year 6’s trip to the Tesco workshop and their other trip to BBEC Career fair.

Year 5 are still currently learning about WW2 and so far they have learnt various facts. Not only are they being educated, they’re having fun at the same time.

At present, Year 3 are on a sensational residential for one night. It is the first time they have actually been on a residential.

Year 4, carrying on a roman topic, have been finishing their shields and have been designing their own coins. Furthermore, they have been doing data-handling including various graphs.

Using the internet or books, year 2 have been learning about African animals. They also made reports and read them to different classes.

In reception they are learning about life cycles. They hatched a caterpillar, which turned into a butterfly!

Another brilliant week counting down to our London trip and other great joys. For now have a happy half term holiday.

By: Luke, Bailey and Hashim.

Year 6 – Summer Term 1

Welcome back Year 6! A very busy half term ahead of us.

This term we are learning:

  • Maths –Circles, Proportion/ Ratio, Statistics, Revision
  • English – Play Scripts & letter writing
  • Topic – Lights, camera, action (continued for 2 weeks) then, How did WW2 change Britain?
  • Science – Health, bodies and circulation
  • PE – Rounders
  • Problem Solving Maths – Revision
  • ICT – Green screen and movie effects
  • PSHE: Health

Dates to note:

  • Tuesday 12th April –  National Media Museum Trip (rearranged)
  • Every Wednesday – Maths booster after school 3:30 – 4:30
  • Week commencing 9.5.2016 – SATs

Count down: 19 school days until SATS

Year 6 – Spring Term 2

Although it is a short term we are hoping to squeeze a lot in.

This term we are learning:

  • Maths –Percentages, Ratio, Area
  • English – Kensuke’s Kingdom – diary writing & Play Scripts
  • Topic – Lights, camera, action!
  • Science – Light, shadows and the eye
  • PE – Cricket
  • Problem Solving Maths – deciding how to solve problems
  • ICT – Green screen and movie effects
  • PSHE: Our bodies

Dates to note:

  • Wednesday 24th February – First week of maths booster after school 3:30 – 4:30
  • Friday 4th March –  National Media Museum Trip

Miss C 🙂