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Christian Aid Week

Last week, the children discussed how Christian Aid help people around the world. We designed some posters to raise awareness for Christian Aid week. The children explored the principles of Christian Aid and presented on their posters the reasons why they thought people should donate to this organisation. The children came up with lots of ideas!

Well done everyone!
Mrs Hallworth, Mrs Barraclough and Mr Westwood

Year 4- Schools Linking Project

Year 4 are proud to be taking part in the Schools Linking Project and have been paired with a Year 4 class at Shipley CE Primary School. They have exchanged bookmarks and letters and met at Nell Bank on the 11th of November.

They all had a fantastic day and made lots of new friends!

Well done, Year 4!

Mrs Hallworth, Mrs Broadbent and Miss Teale

Internet Safety

On Friday, year five and six were visited by two ladies who came to discuss internet safety. They explained about the age limits on various websites, what dangers to look out for and what to do if you do not feel safe.

What did you learn?

Mr Platt πŸ™‚

Fire Brigade

Last Friday, year five were visited by the fire brigade! Look in the comments below to find out what they learnt…

Mr Platt πŸ™‚


Healthy Eating!

This half term, year five have been learning about what makes a healthy diet. Ms Pearson has been coming into class to make different concoctions with a variety of fruits.

Mr Platt πŸ™‚


Road Safety Y3 and Y4

Today Years 3 and 4 had a visit from the Road Safety Team.

The Road Safety Team spoke to us about how to stay safe when walking on the pavements and crossing the road.

They told us some important things to remember when we are crossing the road:

  1. Β Find a safe place to cross.


3.Look – right, left and right again.



We got the chance to use their role play road and learnt where is safe to cross and where is not. We can now all be safer when crossing the road.

Year 6 Remembrance Day

Last week, Year 6 took some time to remember the wars, the soldiers – past and present, their families and their own lives.

They made some poppy crosses and some beautiful artwork which contained their own poems. Here are some examples of their exceptional work (click to enlarge).

The week was finished with the whole school 2 minute silence.

Bradford Cathedral

Yesterday, year six visited Bradford Cathedral for their annual leavers service. They discussed ‘Loving, Living and Learning.”

Year 5 Fire Safety Talk 26.6.2017

Today the fire service visited Year 5 and talked about fire safety. They explained what fires need to ignite and how to safely evacuate a building – especially their home. In addition, they talked about car safety and the importance of seatbelts.

The children also had the opportunity to ask some questions.


What new facts did you learn Year 5?

Junior Safemark

Last week, year six visited Culture Fusion in Bradford in order to learn about travelling on public transport. They undertook a workshop about reading timetables, getting on and off buses, and remaining safe on them. Year six learnt a lot on their visit and feel prepared for when they move up to high school.

Mr Platt πŸ™‚