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Fire Brigade

Last Friday, year five were visited by the fire brigade! Look in the comments below to find out what they learnt…

Mr Platt 🙂


Year 5 Fire Safety Talk 26.6.2017

Today the fire service visited Year 5 and talked about fire safety. They explained what fires need to ignite and how to safely evacuate a building – especially their home. In addition, they talked about car safety and the importance of seatbelts.

The children also had the opportunity to ask some questions.


What new facts did you learn Year 5?

Bonfire Night Year 5

In Year 5 we talked about safety on bonfire night. We looked at the website http://www.bonfire-night-safety.co.uk/

We made bonfire night artwork too. Here are some examples:











What did you learn about bonfire safety?

Year 4 – Water Safety Talk

On Tuesday year 4 had a visitor to talk to them about water safety.

We discussed the different meanings of the flags on the beach. We also learnt about different ways to rescue people.

Ask year 4 for some top water safety tips!

The one tip that we thought was extremely important was that if someone is in danger in the water you should NOT jump in to help them. Either get help or use something to pull them out.

We have also been asked to take part in a water safety competition. The children have to design a water safety poster, the winner will receive 12 free swimming lessons.

Year 4


Fire Safety

Today in Year 5 we were visited by West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service. They told us lot’s of important information about keeping safe and who to call in an emergency.

 Fire Safety (7) Fire Safety (5)

Can you tell me some important information that you learnt today?

Mr Platt 🙂

Bonfire Night Safety

Bonfire night/ Guy Fawkes night is extremely fun and exciting for children and adults but it is also a very dangerous time too. At St Paul’s we want all our pupils and parents to have an enjoyable but safe time. .

As you all celebrate bonfire night tonight or at the weekend, Year 6 would like you to consider some safety advice they have written to keep all our pupils safe.




For more information, see http://www.bonfire-night-safety.co.uk/ for injury facts, firework facts and safety advice.