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Reception visitors … part 1!

We are very lucky to have lots of different people who us help in our community. To introduce our new topic ‘People Who Help Us’ a special visitor is coming to see Reception class each week.

Last week, Lynn and John came to see us to talk about the Army! We got the chance to ask lots of questions about their jobs and how they help different people. Lynn and John brought us different equipment and uniform that we could look at and try on. They also brought some survival packs for us to taste. They even set up a mini assault course for us in our outdoor area. It was a very fun and interesting afternoon and it helped us learn lots of information about the Army.

Year 6 Remembrance Day

Last week, Year 6 took some time to remember the wars, the soldiers – past and present, their families and their own lives.

They made some poppy crosses and some beautiful artwork which contained their own poems. Here are some examples of their exceptional work (click to enlarge).

The week was finished with the whole school 2 minute silence.

Manchester attack prayers and thoughts

This morning, in class prayers, Year 5 were talking about the tragic events in Manchester and how we can deal with these kinds of rare but awful events.

We watched the advice video on BBC Newsround  and then wrote some really thoughtful prayers. Here is the website if anyone would like some advice. http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/13865002

Here are our prayers and thoughts.

Everyone at St.Paul’s CE Primary sends all their prayers and love to anyone affected by the events in Manchester this week.

Miss Charles

Respect Year 5

As part of this term’s school value, Year 5 have been learning about respect. We have been talking about how we can go above and beyond with politeness and respect in school. We watched this video about helping others and not expecting anything but respect in return.

What did you learn from this video Year 5?

Well done to those children in Year 5 who have been holding doors opening, stepping aside in the corridors, asking adults if they want help and saying, “Have a nice day” and “How are you?”.

How else have you been showing respect?

Miss C

First Holy Communion

Congratulations to these Year 5 and 6 children who had their First Holy Communion at church, either on Sunday or today.

The children also received a special certificate, it was signed by the Bishop and they were given a special bible from Theirry as a present.

St Paul’s Achievements This Week


Whole school attendance: 92.17%

Year Group Attendance Winner: Year 2

Stars of the Week:

R – Lily-Mae

1 – Finlay

2 – Leo

3 – Joseph.W

4 – Olivia.R

5 – Lucas

6 – Bilal & Joseph.V

Resilience Award:

R – Bella

1 – Hassan

2 – Thomas.W

3 – Harry.M

4 – Emily

5 – Cody.T

6 – Amber.B

Year 5 Paralympics Work

Today in class we watched this video and talked about disabilities.

“They can do anything we do – just in a different way” Renae

“They have a lot of perseverance” Poppy

“It’s awesome and cool! Coban

“In blind football they use their other senses to help them” Carter

This Week At St Pauls

In school this week it has been another ordinary but great week.Also, another week counting down to year 6’s SAT s. A couple of amazing trips have also featured this week.

In year 4, they have been on a residential to Kings Wood, which started on Wednesday. I’m sure they all had a good time for we are writing about this on Friday.

In year 6(our class) we have carried on our topic about letters and have started to look at pie charts.

Another trip this week was for year 5. They went to Huddersfield University to see what being at university is like

.Also, year 5  researched  World War 2.

Reception carried on doing growth work when they looked at gardening in spring and snow and, may have carried on doing Jonah Whale.

In year 3, they’ve carried on with rugby- done plant experiments and parallel lines.

Not only year 6’s SAT s are coming up, but year 2’s SAT s also are coming up. Both year 6 and 2 have worked hard and now SAT s are only a couple of days away. We hope they end in success!

In year 2, they’ve doing fractions in maths. Furthermore, they’ve been looking at habitats, reports, recounts and all-sports.

Finally, in year 1, continuing with the magic porridge pot, have written the story in their own words. In addition, in maths, they have looked at the value of coins and notes and have been making fairy-tale puppets.

To conclude this, it has been a good week and we hope you agree. We would appreciate it if you could take a minute to comment on whats happening in the week on our blog.

It has been another mind-blowing,amazing week.

Thank you for reading this.

Owain & Luke

This Week at St Paul’s

Another great week , including lots of exciting, breath-taking and hard-working activities. This week we haven’t had any trips however, we’ve just had as much fun in school.

In our class (year 6), SATS are coming so this week we have tried our best with the practise SATS and have tried really hard. Also we have started a new topic about letters in literacy: as a cold task we had to write them to our parents.

Almost all week, year 5 have been taking part in a bikeability week to see how safe they were on their bikes. They did this every morning and did very well.

Year 4 have been learning about Romans and how they lived and in maths they have learnt about perimeter and area of 2d shapes. Finally in PE Year 4 have been practising rugby skills with Bradford Bulls.

In year 3, they looked at the Anglo Saxons and how they lived and dealt with the Vikings.

Year 2 researched about animals and did some practise tests.

Year 1 have looked at fairy tale characters, talking for writing, retelling the magic porridge pot story with puppets and have compared castles and houses today.

Reception have continued doing some growth work with bean plants by putting cotton wool and paper towels around it then they finally planted their plants outside.

In conclusion, we had a great week and everyone has worked hard and done work to be proud of.

Jake and Luke

This week at St Paul’s

This week we have had lots of activities to venture and look back on. Also, lots of classes have been looking at fascinating things.

In reception this week they have mainly been learning about growing plants (tomato plants) and  learning parts of plants such as: stem, petal, leaves, pollen etc. Furthermore, about why plants have leaves or any part of the plant.

Year 3, also have been learning about plants but about quest stories too. In PE, year 3 also learnt how  to hold and move with a rugby ball. As well as this, in year 1 they have been learning about fairy tales and how to write them.

Year 2 have been comparing old and new toys as well as researching about various animals around the world which live in different habitats. Also year 4 have been learning about analogue in maths and digital clock as well as roman numerals.

Year 5 have been learning the volume of a 3D shape in maths, in English they have been writing letters about their dream job. Also, they’ve been learning about WW2 in history.

This week in year 6, our class, we have been leaning about the eye parts and how they work. In maths we have also been learning about circumference, radius, diameter and proportion. On Thursday we did practise tests to prepare for the upcoming SATs.

In conclusion, all the classes have had a mind-blowing experience and had great fun.

Jack, Hashim, Luke, Jake, Bailey and Owain.