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Trip to York Chocolate Story

Year 4 had an amazing time in York today as they had a guided tour of York Chocolate Story and attended a Science workshop at the Methodist Church.

The children were really well behaved and enjoyed learning about the history of chocolate, tasting different kinds of chocolate and making their own chocolate lollies and wall paper.

Well done, Year 4 and Thank you Mick and Edwina for coming with us.

Mrs Hallworth, Mrs Broadbent and Miss Teale.

Year 1

Autumn 1

We have had an extremely busy start to the school year and have learnt lots already.

Our topic this half term is Marvellous me.
In our topic we are looking at why we are special and who is special to us.
History – How we have changed from birth to now.
Geography -Where we live including our address and all about our school.

In Science we are looking at the human body and five senses.
We will be labelling our body parts.
Learning how to look after our body.
Discovering our five senses and using them to create a tasty and healthy snack.

In maths we are looking at
Place value within 10 – sorting objects, counting amounts, counting forwards and backwards, finding more and less and comparing amounts using symbols, ordering amounts,learning about ordinal numbers and the number line.
Addition and subtraction within 10 – learning the part whole method, fact families of numbers to 10, number bonds within and to 10, adding together, finding a part, and taking away by; crossing out and counting back.

English – we are looking at the familiar story, The Gruffalo.
We have been learning about labels and lists. We started by labelling the Gruffalo and using our labels to write super sentences about the character. We have now created our own monster and plan to, name it, label it and create a wanted poster to warn people about our monster.
Later this half term we will be writing postcards using our address. We plan on writing our postcard to tell people about our monster and what it eats.
We will also innovate part of the Gruffalo using our new monster.

Phonics – we will be recapping phonemes from phase 3 and 4 and using graphemes to write words that we will put in to super sentences.

Art and DT
In Art we will be mixing colours to create new ones and learning about Picasso. We will hopefully recreate one of Picassos famous works of art.
In DT we will be designing, creating and evaluating a healthy snack. We will also be creating something tasty using a Gruffalo!

RE – In RE we are looking at the parable of the Lost Son. We will be learning what a parable is. We will be looking at forgiveness and compassion and why they are important to God.

PE – In PE we will be learning different games. This half term we are focussing on moving the ball in different ways and hope that by the end of the half term to be playing some games.

PSHE – this half term our main focus is community which links with the Harvest festival.
We will also be learning how to wash our hands properly and look after ourselves.
We will also have visitors from the dental team and road safety team.

A quick reminder from us –
Monday – homework is due back.
Tuesday – PE and new homework is given out.
Wednesday – Miss Briggs isn’t in.
Thursday –
Friday – celebration assembly and rewards given.

Harvest Festival is in church on Thursday 3rd October.

Any concerns please don’t hesitate to ask.
Year one team.

Year 3 at Tatton Park

Yesterday we stepped back in time, we went back to 410 AD and learnt all about how the Anglo Saxons lived.
We braided wool, made bread and practiced going in to battle.
We had a fantastic day at Tatton Park and our Anglo Saxon friends really helped us to understand more about this time. It was a great end to the half term.

Miss Briggs x

Year 2 visit Yorkshire Wildlife Park

As part of our topic on Africa Year 2 went to learn about and visit the wild animals at Yorkshire Wildlife Park. First, we had a lesson with Lucy, who was very knowledgable and informative. Did you know that an ostrich egg is the same as 26 chicken eggs? Or can you find out the difference between “poisonous” and “venomous”? After the lesson, we went to look at the animals. The weather was fine so we had our picnic outside and then on to see some more creatures. What a memorable day!






Year 6 African Drumming

On Monday, Paul Butler from Drummers United came to our school to teach us how to play African Drums. We learnt lots of rhythms and facts in the session then performed to the school in assembly.

It was a fantastic afternoon!

Year 5 – Tatton Park Trip

On Wednesday 27th March, Year 5 visited Tatton Park as part of their Topic work. This visit highlighted facts about WW2 and the children were able to link the trip with their learning.

During this trip, the children were able to visit a house which was for evacuees in WW2. The furniture and features of the house were exactly the same so the children felt very privileged to be part of ‘history.’

They were also given a tour of the farm and the daily activities that the evacuees were meant to do. They got the opportunity to complete some of these activities.

It was a nice trip to finish off the World War Two topic. The children and the staff really enjoyed themselves.


Miss Shahbaz

Chinese New Year

Today we had a great day learning about Chinese New Year.

We wrote in Mandarin,watched a dragon dance, made vegetable spring rolls and tried different foods.

Year 5 – Spring 1

Welcome back year five and a happy new year! I hope you all had a good break and are looking forward to coming back to school.

This term we are learning:

  • Maths –  Area & Perimeter and Fractions
  • English – Nonsense Poems and Information Texts
  • Topic – Space
  • Science – Space
  • PE   – Rugby
  • ICT – Computer Skills

Mr Platt 🙂

Manchester Airport

Last Friday, year five visited Manchester Airport to support their topic of flight. Everyone had a great day and learnt lots of interesting facts.

Gale and Honor were our hosts, they showed us around and made sure we had a fantastic day. Thanks to Mr Daynes, Mick and Edwina for accompanying us on our trip! Here are some photos from our day:

Mr Platt 🙂


Year Five – Autumn 2

In year five this half term will be learning about flight! As part of our topic, we will visit Manchester Airport on Friday to look around a busy terminal, watch the planes taking off and landing, and to step on board some planes that are no longer in service.

This term we are learning:

  • Maths – Statistics, Multiplication & Division and Area & Perimeter
  • English – Losing-Finding Stories and Recount Texts
  • Topic – Flight
  • Science – Forces
  • PE   – Dance
  • ICT – Computer Skills

Mr Platt 🙂