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Toy Visitor

Today we were visited by Mrs Garside from Shibden Hall. She came to help us learn more about toys from the past. We had a fantastic time learning and playing with the toys. We also got the chance to draw our favourite. We have had a fantastic day!

Year 1

Year 6 African Drumming

On Wednesday 21st March, a man called Paul Butler came into school and taught our class to play the African drums.
We learnt lots of different tunes and rhymes and some people took part in solo performances.
After we learnt how to play, Year 5 came to watch and even learnt a song to sing in the middle,

Year 6 Premier Sports Taster Session

Today the children took part in a taster session run by Premier Sports. They really enjoyed playing and learning new skills. They tried out archery and a target game.

They counted their points and used their maths skills too.

A Viking Visitor Year 5 18.1.2017

This morning, Year 5 were visited by a Viking! He told them all about life in viking times, longships, cooking, houses, invasions and lots more. He also told them about some myths people believe about vikings and also answered lots of questions too.

Year 5 were brilliant, they listened very well and asked really interesting questions. In the photographs you will see children trying out a very heavy helmet, real axe, holding a tapestry and also being priced up a slave!

Art Day with Mr Bullock – Stone Henge

Yesterday year 3 had a visitor from an artist called Mr Bullock,

We had a fantastic day looking at, diffferent types of art, materials and learning new skills.

Over the day we got to mix colours, use charchoal, paint and create clay sculptures of Stone Henge.

We all enjoyed it very much, including the teachers and the children behaved impeccably.

Hopefully the clay sculptures will be dry enough to bring home after the holidays.

We hope everyone has a fantastic half term and we look forward to seeing everyone after the holidays.

Miss Briggs, Mr Daynes and Mrs Smith

Year 4 – Water Safety Talk

On Tuesday year 4 had a visitor to talk to them about water safety.

We discussed the different meanings of the flags on the beach. We also learnt about different ways to rescue people.

Ask year 4 for some top water safety tips!

The one tip that we thought was extremely important was that if someone is in danger in the water you should NOT jump in to help them. Either get help or use something to pull them out.

We have also been asked to take part in a water safety competition. The children have to design a water safety poster, the winner will receive 12 free swimming lessons.

Year 4