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Amazing Writing from Year 1!

Year 5 Spring 1

Happy New Year!

This term we are learning:

  • Maths – 4 operations, time and fractions
  • English – Poetry, Journey stories and reports
  • Topic – Vikings
  • Science – Animals including humans
  • PE (Mondays)  – Gym
  • ICT – Programming
  • PSHE: Resilience, growing up

Dates to note:

  • Holy Communion letters deadline Monday 9th January
  • Swimming continues every Tuesday
  • Viking Visitor – Wednesday 18th January
  • Wednesday 8th February – Valentines Disco

Miss C 🙂

Phonics in Reception!

Bonfire Night and Fireworks in Reception!

A Very Hungry…

Happy Mother’s Day!!

Thank you to all the parents who were able to come and watch our Mother’s Day assembly and join their children in the classroom afterwards. The children really enjoyed showing you their learning and playing with you.

We are very proud of all the children!

Little Red Riding Hood


Year 6 – Should people go travelling around the world?

This week we have been talking about going travelling around the world! We have been using our text, Kensuke’s Kingdom, for ideas and also our own experiences. Yesterday we had a debate in preparation for writing an argument next week. The children decided whether they were for or against travelling the world then came up with reasons why. They then responded to each other’s views.

Well done Year 6, especially our main speakers, Jake and Bailey.

Year 6 – 18.1.2016

This week we are learning:

  • Maths –multiplication and choosing the correct operation, division
  • English – Kensuke’s Kingdom –  reading, describing the setting and writing an argument
  • Topic – Jobs and art in Benin Kingdom
  • Science – Naming groups of living things
  • PE – Gymnastics – sequences
  • Problem Solving Maths – using lists and tables
  • ICT – Creating book trailers
  • PSHE: Stereotypes and dares

Tell me something you have been proud of this week or last?

Miss C 🙂