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Reception and Year 1 Christmas Dinner!

On Monday, Reception and Year 1 enjoyed wearing their christmas jumpers and making christmas crowns for our school christmas dinner.

Toy Visitor

Today we were visited by Mrs Garside from Shibden Hall. She came to help us learn more about toys from the past. We had a fantastic time learning and playing with the toys. We also got the chance to draw our favourite. We have had a fantastic day!

Year 1

Year 1

Autumn 1

We have had an extremely busy start to the school year and have learnt lots already.

Our topic this half term is Marvellous me.
In our topic we are looking at why we are special and who is special to us.
History – How we have changed from birth to now.
Geography -Where we live including our address and all about our school.

In Science we are looking at the human body and five senses.
We will be labelling our body parts.
Learning how to look after our body.
Discovering our five senses and using them to create a tasty and healthy snack.

In maths we are looking at
Place value within 10 – sorting objects, counting amounts, counting forwards and backwards, finding more and less and comparing amounts using symbols, ordering amounts,learning about ordinal numbers and the number line.
Addition and subtraction within 10 – learning the part whole method, fact families of numbers to 10, number bonds within and to 10, adding together, finding a part, and taking away by; crossing out and counting back.

English – we are looking at the familiar story, The Gruffalo.
We have been learning about labels and lists. We started by labelling the Gruffalo and using our labels to write super sentences about the character. We have now created our own monster and plan to, name it, label it and create a wanted poster to warn people about our monster.
Later this half term we will be writing postcards using our address. We plan on writing our postcard to tell people about our monster and what it eats.
We will also innovate part of the Gruffalo using our new monster.

Phonics – we will be recapping phonemes from phase 3 and 4 and using graphemes to write words that we will put in to super sentences.

Art and DT
In Art we will be mixing colours to create new ones and learning about Picasso. We will hopefully recreate one of Picassos famous works of art.
In DT we will be designing, creating and evaluating a healthy snack. We will also be creating something tasty using a Gruffalo!

RE – In RE we are looking at the parable of the Lost Son. We will be learning what a parable is. We will be looking at forgiveness and compassion and why they are important to God.

PE – In PE we will be learning different games. This half term we are focussing on moving the ball in different ways and hope that by the end of the half term to be playing some games.

PSHE – this half term our main focus is community which links with the Harvest festival.
We will also be learning how to wash our hands properly and look after ourselves.
We will also have visitors from the dental team and road safety team.

A quick reminder from us –
Monday – homework is due back.
Tuesday – PE and new homework is given out.
Wednesday – Miss Briggs isn’t in.
Thursday –
Friday – celebration assembly and rewards given.

Harvest Festival is in church on Thursday 3rd October.

Any concerns please don’t hesitate to ask.
Year one team.

Oh we do like to be beside the seaside!

Year 1 Sports Day

Year 1 and 2 Visitor.

Year 1 Summer 2

Welcome back to Summer 2 in Year 1.

This half term in Year 1 our topic is ‘At The Coast’ and we will be learning:

Phonics – We will be continuing phase 5 sounds including introducing alternative pronunciations for graphemes, e.g. ea in tea, head and break, ch in chin, chemist, chef.

English – The Storm Whale – diary writing

Maths – Fractions of shapes, objects and quantities (halves and quarters).

Position and Direction – Describe position, direction and movement, including whole, half, quarter and three quarter turns.

Place Value within 100 – Counting to 100, partitioning numbers, comparing numbers, ordering numbers, one more, one less

Geography: Seas and Coasts – learn about physical, environmental and human features of a seaside location. Compare British beaches to one in another country.

Art – LS Lowry – Seascapes Mixing 5 colours for shade and tone

DT – Designing a healthy seaside picnic

RE – What does it mean to belong? How should we care for the world and for others?

PE – (every Friday afternoon) Sports Day practise, rugby sessions

Dates for diary – Transition day to year 2, 3rd July.

Sports day, 5th July.

Bridlington Trip, 9th July.

This is our last busy half term of new learning to look forward to in Year 1. Thank you for your continued support throughout the school year.

Mrs Darbyshire, Mrs Browne and Mrs Safianyk.

Year 1 Teaching Trees Trip

Planting Seeds in Year 1

Animal Visitors in Year 1!