Santa Claus came to Thackley!

We were just in the middle of assembly, singing our favourite Christmas songs, when we suddenly heard the sound of sleigh bells and then Santa walked in!!!!!  We were so excited to see him!  He brought all of the classes presents which the PTA had asked him to bring. 
img_0864 img_0865 img_0866 img_0867 img_0868 img_0869 img_0871 img_0872 img_0873 img_0874 img_0876 img_0878 img_1198 img_1199 img_1200 img_1201 img_1202 img_1204 img_1205 img_1206 img_1207 img_1208 img_1210 img_1211 img_1212 img_1213 img_1215 img_1216 img_1217 img_1218 img_1221 img_1222


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