While clearing out old cupboards and storerooms recently, boxes of old photographs and slides were found dating back to at least the 1950s.  An ex pupil of ours, Michael, very kindly offered to digitalise all of the slides and photographs so that we could share them with the community and enable ex-pupils to share their memories.  It was a huge undertaking and we are very grateful to him for volunteering his time.

It has been wonderful to discover images of May Day at Thackley from years gone by.  It is a tradition we still uphold! Our Early Years children celebrate May Day every year by decorating their prams, bikes or scooters and parading them around the school in front of pupils, parents and families.

Every year we hold a Thackley Week where the children all learn about a historical and geographical aspect of the Thackley area such as the old railway, the Open Air School in Buck Woods, how the local shops have changed, the trams and trolley buses, the effects of World War Two  etc.  We then display the children’s work in an exhibition and invite all members of the community to come and view it.  Last year we invited ex-pupils from the area to come and view the photographs we had found.  It was fantastic to meet people who had attended Thackley in the past and hear about their memories and stories.  Some shared old school reports and photographs with us, adding to our collection.  It was particularly fascinating to take our visitors on a tour of the school and hear their descriptions of how the school used to look.

We hope you enjoy the photos and welcome your comments.   Our school has changed hugely over the years, but Happy Memories remains one of our three aims.  We would love to hear your own memories of Thackley!