Replica Breitling Super Ocean


Established by Louis Breitling in La Chaus-Fonds in 1884, the watch brand was named after his family name. Breitling watch is well known for multi-purpose, new and durable features across the world. Breitling pilot’s and diver’s watches open and share the market successfully. With a powerful but gentle look and excellent performance, the Superocean Heritage 46 has been the main collection of Breitling.

As for replica Breitling diving watches, the Superocean and the Colt replicas are popular in the market. Highly recommend the replica Superocean Heritage 46 all-steel watch Ref. A1732016|C734|152A to those who just want a replica watch with the same appearance as the original and accurate time at a low price. I’ll compare the replica with the real edition and introduce the advantages and disadvantages from the workmanship, functions and the movement.

1. It’s well known that Breitling all-steel watch are made of 316 L stainless steel. With the resistance to heat and corrosion and sturdy traits, the watch case and bracelet made of 316 L stainless steel not only protect the inner movement well and last the service life, but also hardly make any impact on the human skin. It’s good that the manufacturer adopted 316 L stainless steel to produce the replica Ref. A1732016|C734|152A as well. Sapphire crystal of the replica version works well in improving the perspective effect to get perfect time. Thanks for good workmanship, the Breitling replica diving watch case is almost the same as the original. It’s a pity that ocean classic steel bracelet of the replica version looks less high-end than the bracelet of the real.
2. It’s obvious that the calendar aperture is designed at six O’clock. The steel frame appears highly harmonious with the baton hour markers. As for the real edition, the unidirectional bezel is moved counterclockwise to help them time when wearers are diving. It’s a pity that the replica watch doesn’t have the function. In brief, the replica just has the same appearance as the real, it doesn’t have powerful functions like the original.
3. Breitling Superocean Heritage 46 all-steel watch is equipped with a manufacture mechanical movement with automatic winding, Cal. Breitling 17 which was based on ETA 2824-2. With polishing process, Cal. Breitling 17 with 25 jewels provides 40-hour power reserve. With an Asian mechanical movement which is equivalent to the quality level of Japanese Miyota, the replica watch bears good performance and accurate time.

All in all, the replica Superocean Heritage 46 all-steel watch Ref. A1732016|C734|152A is popular with many people for sturdy workmanship, a delicate look and accurate time. If you often go diving, I suggest you should select one from high quality replica Breitling professional diving watches, since high quality Breitling replicas extend to the high performance and extreme waterproofness.

In the 1950s, Breitling, which had become the “official designated supplier of the world’s aviation industry”, completed another new challenge, that’s to conquer the depths of the ocean. In 1957, the famous “Superocean” was born. The professional diving watches are equipped with super clear and readable dial, shockproof glass watch mirror and the monomer watchcase that can be waterproof up to 200 meters (660 feet). All in all, these were the pre-eminent watchmaking techniques. As a result, the series of watch was originally designed for professional and military divers, especially for special forces divers. However, with the popularity of diving, the wristwatch soon became the new favorite of the masses and brought forth new series of super ocean watches. Over the years, each Superocean wristwatch has won numerous accolades with excellent technology. Its waterproof depth can reach 500 meters, 1,000 meters and even 1,500 meters. Now, Breitling has renewed its new Superocean series with innovative watchmaking techniques.

So, in addition to a dress watch, the diving wristwatch is a item that each watch lover must have. And the Breitling Superocean watch is one of the must-have options. But many people who are not very rich can’t afford a genuine watch. Then, a high-imitation Breitling Superocean wristwatch can give full play to its advantage. The price is not expensive, and the quality is guaranteed. Accurate time and date display, basic life waterproof. More, luminous indication is more convenient to read time in a dark environment. And more importantly, the high imitation appearance design is accurate to every detail. Also, whether viewed from the front or the side, it’s possible to ensure that the watch will not be recognized as a copy. With regard to the application of the movement, Japanese Miyota movement and Swiss ETA2824 are most commonly used. If there is any requirement for the movement, the wristwatch with ETA2824 movement can be the best choice.

What’s more, depending on the different needs of the wearer, various high-copy Breitling Superocean wristwatch is available.