Breitling, a Swiss brand with nearly 200 years of history, has been designed to be a soldier-like style since 1914, when it began to process and produce watches for the military. And the design concept of Breitling avengers series is derived from the perfect interpretation of the four elements — rock-solid stainless steel watch case, extremely practical functions, extraordinary excellence performance and bold lines design. More, the whole series is a masterpiece of the Breitling watch master and is full of strong sporty style. Under any circumstances, it has always maintained an enduring and unchanging performance and it’s widely trusted by people who pursue high performance watches. Because of this, the popular Breitling Avenger series has boosted demand for copies. So, here’s a brief discussion of Breitling Avenger watch replica.

1.Appearance design

There is nothing wrong with the copy from a distance, and it is impossible to tell the truth if you are wearing it in two meters. The watch case, bezel, LOGO on the dial, calendar window, scale, pointers, crown and strap or bracelet. Every detail that the naked eye can see is highly imitated. From the side of watch, the thickness of the counterfeit is consistent with the thickness of the genuine article.


Although some sophisticated functions can’t be realized, such as the moon phase, the GMT and the diving functions, etc. But the most basic time and date display can also be guaranteed, as well as basic living waterproof function. In addition, there are many watches that have the Noctilucent function, and the copy of the wristwatch will not be an exception. So, the basic functions of the watch is enough to meet the daily needs of the wearer.


The genuine Breitling Avenger watches basically adopt the brand self-developed movement. And the imitative product uses the common movement on the market. Of course, the appearance may be the same, but the performance is completely different.


The price is the biggest difference between a genuine wristwatch and an imitation wristwatch. In the case of high copy Breitling Avenger wristwatches, you can get them without spending a lot of money. For working-class consumers, this is a big temptation.

Play the high-end watch at the smallest possible cost; select the perfect case; and measure the most stable movement performance. As for Breitling Avenger Replica, we aim to make every consumer be more professional.


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